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Financial Education

QuickQuid is committed to responsible lending as well as helping our customers improve their financial situation. By using the tools and information below, we hope to provide some knowledge to help you make more informed financial decisions. We promote financial literacy and fiscal responsibility as a means for consumers to take control of their financial future.

Creating effective budgeting, understanding credit and reducing your debt are just some of the ways to improve your financial situation. Learn how you can create healthy financial living for you and your family.


Want to save for the future? It's not hard as long as you're informed and have the tools to guide you. Check out our money-saving links below for guidance on how to save for a better financial future.

Money-Saving Tips

10 Steps to Saving Money in Tough Times

Five Easy Budgeting Tips

Budgeting can be tough and time-consuming. Follow these easy steps below to get started on your own budget. You'll see it's not so hard after all. These steps are designed to help you gain control of your finances using a budget that you can live with into the future.

  1. Record your expenses each day. How much are you really spending? Recording your expenses will help you see how much you spend each day and where you can cut back. You might be surprised at what you find out about your spending habits.
  2. Create a budget and stick to it. How much do you make each month and how much do you spend each month? Calculate your expenses for the month and compare it to how much you make.
  3. Cut down on your living expenses. Are you spending beyond your means? If your spending goes over your budget, then cut out some of your living expenses that are not essential and stick to your budget.
  4. Consider a picking up an extra job to catch up on debt. Try a part-time or weekend job to make some extra cash, so you can pay of your overdue bills faster.
  5. Consider converting unused assets to money. If you have valuable that you do not use likes jewelry or electronics, sell them through an online auction or pawn shop. You can use this money to pay off existing debts.

Understanding Your Credit

Improving your credit is important for your future. Paying off past debt will help raise your credit score as well as making timely repayments on future bills. In order to get loan approval or better interest rates for future home buying or other loans, you'll want to improve your credit.

How Can I Improve My Credit Rating in a Short Time

How to Add Positive Credit to Your Credit Report

Disclaimer: QuickQuid is an online lender, not a financial advisory company. The information in this article is provided for education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. The information in this article is not intended to be and does not constitute financial or any other advice. The information in this article is general in nature and is not specific to you the user or anyone else.

Terms and conditions apply. All loans are subject to status, affordability and credit checks prior to approval. Applicants must be 18 or over. Short-term loan customers: Finance charge will be between £20 and £29.50 per £100 borrowed, depending on your credit score. QuickQuid FlexCredit customers: Interest accrues at a daily rate of .82%, which roughly equals 25% per month (£25 per £100 outstanding per month). †Loan/credit limit maximum of £1000 for first-time customers (£1500 for existing). Loan amounts and credit limits are based on a consumer's credit history and ability to repay in accordance with QuickQuid's affordability policy. §If your bank does not support Faster Payments, funds will be sent to your account the same day as approval so long as you’re approved by 14:30. ¶Provisional loan decisions are subject to verification checks and may take up to 30 minutes in most cases. QuickQuid performs traditional credit checks and verifies applicant information via various national databases. QuickQuid is the trading name of CashEuroNetUK, LLC. CashEuroNetUK, LLC is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the United States. Head Office: 200 W. Jackson Blvd., 14th Floor, Chicago IL USA. Correspondence Address: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm registration number 603395. Authorisation can be checked on the Financial Service Register at