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of customers surveyed
agree that QuickQuid
provides a useful service.

– From a 2013 Harris survey

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friends, relatives and

– From a 2013 Quick Quid customer survey

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of customers surveyed
are satisfied with the
service they receive.

– From a 2013 Quick Quid customer survey

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The customer service rep was very polite and helpful

- Andrew M., April 2015

QuickQuid helped me when the high street bank said no. Thank you

- Aaron H., April 2015

Always had a good service whenever I needed them

- Lyndsey M., April 2015

It has been a useful service to tide me over when needing extra funds for extras such as car repairs.

- Mandy S., April 2015

I think you’ve got it bang on with the service, the deals and the easy-to-use website. Your reputation is excellent, and I recommend your organisation. Thanks

- Jacqueline H., April 2015

I was very grateful for all of your help and consideration.

- Andrew S., April 2015

Easy to understand and very helpful.

- Helen M., March 2015

Very good service.

- David F., March 2015

Very prompt, efficient service. Thank you.

- Mairead O., March 2015

Very happy with service.

- Stuart A., February 2015

All my experiences have been great. The customer service advisor was one of the most helpful I have ever spoken to. Made me feel at ease and as if she couldn’t do enough for me. It was really appreciated.

- Ailie R., February 2015

Customer services were extremely understanding and helpful when I had to change my repayment date.

- Jane S., February 2015

[QuickQuid] make the whole experience smooth and very easy to understand.

- Fatuma K., February 2015

Customer service rep was very helpful and courteous.

- Claire A., February 2015

Overall I have been very pleased with QuickQuid [and am] one very satisfied customer.

- Linda K., February 2015

Great loan company! Really happy and great customer service.

- Natasha W., January 2015

Overall a very helpful and straightforward service.

- Paul A., December 2014

Very good customer service [and] very polite, knowledgeable staff.

- Jane A., December 2014

Excellent Customer Service

- Paul T., November 2014

Very helpful staff that provide exceptional and efficient service.

- Jaswinder P., November 2014

QuickQuid has helped me out when on a few occasions I’ve been in a bit of difficulty and I really appreciate your help and would definitely recommend it to friends. Thank you.

- Louis M., November 2014

Great service!

- Peter H., October 2014

I have used QuickQuid before and the staff are very friendly and polite

- Topel S., October 2014

Really happy with the service.

- Martin T., October 2014

Thank you for brilliant service!!

- Becky L., September 2014

QuickQuid were able to help me when I needed it and I’d recommend the company.

- Winston M., September 2014

Excellent service for the funds I needed.

- Anthony G., August 2014

Good customer service and friendly.

- Clarentine G., August 2014

I would like to thank the lady from customer support. I found her manner most pleasant, helpful, and cheerful and I couldn’t wish for better service.

- Kenneth R., August 2014

QuickQuid are a really professional service and fees are reasonable.

- Marian H., August 2014

QuickQuid has been a real life saver. I am so very grateful for their flexibility and for them allowing me to take out a short term loan.

- Michelle M., August 2014

Was very impressed with the service I received…. will recommend to my family and friends.

- Christopher S., July 2014

The customer service representative was so friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. He put me at ease and was able to solve my problem in a brilliant way.

- Diane G., July 2014

I am very happy with your company 🙂

- Alena G., July 2014

I feel QuickQuid has a magnificent customer service and explains all you need to know regarding finance repayments.

- Danny M., July 2014

A most helpful company, staff are well trained and very polite and helpful and explain everything in detail. I would highly recommend QuickQuid to everyone.

- John E., July 2014

Very good service throughout process.

- Colin B. , June 2014

Always recommend.

- Darrell T., June 2014

Good, no-nonsense lender.

- Christopher P., June 2014

Non-intrusive service, pleasant, straightforward, help during unexpected difficult times, trustworthy company.

- Kathrine B., June 2014

Very good service, would recommend to family and friends.

- Garry H., June 2014

Very pleasant and helpful. Many thanks.

- Martyn B., June 2014

Thank you for helping me.

- Alec N., June 2014

Very helpful and polite.

- Margaret O., June 2014

Customer service team are very knowledgeable and they answer all questions with clarity. They are the best in the business.

- Emmanuel N., June 2014

Customer service I received was brilliant and efficient.

- Jennifer W., May 2014

A very clear, easy and efficient service …Thank you.

- Malcolm T., April 2014

Extremely happy with the services.

- Sainabou K., March 2014

Customer service was helpful, kind and understanding. I would definitely recommend using QuickQuid.

- Amanda C., March 2014

Very pleased with the overall service from QuickQuid, and I will definitely recommend the features to friends.

- John M., March 2014

Your customer service rep was excellent.

- Franz F., March 2014

I like your service and helpful staff and taking time to explain my concerns.

- Anthony A., March 2014

Fantastic service.

- Laura C., March 2014

QuickQuid are efficient, friendly and listen to their customers. 

- Firsttine P., February 2014

I like how QuickQuid is easy to understand and repayments are so clear.

- Jane F., February 2014

Happy with the service.

- Zachary C., February 2014

Keep up the good work!

- James F., January 2014

So far so good, I’ve been happy and impressed.

- John H., January 2014

Your  people were very helpful and pleasant to talk to.

- Valerie H., January 2014

Very pleased with the professional service supplied.

- Anthony C., January 2014

An all round excellent experience whilst obtaining the loan I was after.

- Gareth H., December 2013

I am very pleased with the care and attention I got. Well done.

- Alan F., December 2013

Your service is very professional and the staff helpful. You also respond to emails when most companies use only an automated service.

- Bernice B., November 2013

I find your staff helpful and courteous if any question is raised.

- Kenneth T., November 2013

I do have to say the best thing about QuickQuid is customer service. Any time day or night when I phone, I can feel that warm welcome from an advisor; they are so kind and helpful. Thank you.

- Kemal G., November 2013

Great service – thanks girls and guys!

- Triston T., December 2013

Better than I expected. Lots of easy to understand communication. Would use again.

- Josephine B., December 2013

When I had to speak to an advisor they were all helpful and helped me sort out any problem I had fast.

- Anthony D., December 2013

Very happy with the product and service.

- Nadine R., December 2013

Customer service agents are always polite and helpful.  Excellent service at any time of day or night.

- Patricia M., December 2013

Just keep up the great work.

- Symon D., December 2013

200% satisfaction. Keep up the good work.

- Angela C., December 2013

Good service, thank you!

- Pamela L., November 2013

100% excellent

- Oyewole O., November 2013

Good service overall, very helpful staff.

- Annette W., November 2013

Good service

- Olushola A., November 2013

QuickQuid is very good, excellent to support my needs and most of all the service is fantastic. 

- David O., November 2013

The customer service and phone option is first class, the speed and 24/7 availability is a big comfort when times are short…….and when you want a short term loan it always is!

- Richard R., November 2013

Excellent service and option to pay early with no early settlement fees.

- Andrew P., October 2013

QuickQuid has helped me just when I needed. Quickly and efficiently, thank you.

- Leslie E., October 2013

Excellent, helpful customer service. Thank you.

- Nuwan P., October 2013

Every customer service representative I spoke to was very helpful and friendly. 

- Maria D., October 2013

The last I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. Amazing customer service. 

- Janet T., September 2013

The lady I spoke to was really helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable.

- Elisabeth O., September 2013

Great service, was fast, accurate and definitely recommend to friends and family.

- Colin C., September 2013

Happy with the service. Thank you.

- Tanya D., September 2013

QuickQuid are always professional and efficient and are the most understanding company if any issues arise. This is vitally important.

- Paul S., September 2013

Always helpful if I phone with problems and QuickQuid always put the customer first.

- Carl G., September 2013

QuickQuid as an overall money lender I would give a nine out of ten. Fast service with helpful advisors available 24/7 .

- Angela A., August 2013

Have used QuickQuid a number of times with no complaints, last time I took out a loan my financial situation changed and I found myself unable to pay back my loan in one go, spoke to an agent on the live chat who was so helpful, was really kind and understanding and didn’t give me a hard time and set up a payment plan in a few minutes that will enable me to pay off my loan without getting any deeper in debt with loads of charges and interest. Many many thanks for your understanding and help with sorting out what has been a horrible situation.

- Margaret K., August 2013

Great service full stop

- Richard M., August 2013


- Lionel S., July 2013

I have found {QuickQuid} to be honest & straightforward to deal with.

- Paul B., July 2013

Great, thanks for friendly advice from your Customer Service Team!

- Maria Luisa B., July 2013

My overall experience with all the Customer Service Reps has been very positive. The knew what I wanted and the service delivery was so fast. The Quickquid website makes updates and all relevant changes so fast too. Good Experience indeed!

- Gabriel S., July 2013

What can I say {QuickQuid} stands head and shoulders above the rest, in my opinion.

- Pete K., June 2013

“I have never had any problems with QuickQuid, I think it’s the best lender by a mile.”

- Andy Y., May 2013

Payday loans from your company (the only I’ve ever used) have certainly helped me bridge the gaps in my finances and keep going when otherwise I might not have done. I cannot speak highly enough of your company.

- Christopher C., April 2013

I found the whole process very easy and very reassuring. QuickQuid has given me the breathing space I needed. The staff is helpful and friendly…Thanks for everything QuickQuid. Your staff is an asset to you.

- Michala J., February 2013

“My short-term cash flow problems were overcome with a payday loan from QuickQuid…The whole process worked just as it was explained to me. Many thanks.”

- David W., October 2012

“I have never had a problem with QuickQuid.You helped me out when I needed it. It’s been ‘no fuss’ from day one, which is how it should be. Thank you.”

- Ben M., July 2012

“I am always happy with the service I get. And there are no unnecessary phone calls!

- Admire K., June 2012

Easy to use and very transparent with T’s & C’s, so therefore promotes confidence in me as a customer.”

- Kelston D., February 2012

I am very pleased with the customer service I received from QuickQuid and I would recommend them to family and friends and I would use the service again.

- Sekai N., December 2011

Thank you for being so professional. Responding to email straight away, very helpful. Thank you once again.

- Ann H., September 2011

Excellent customer service. And a big thank you for your helping me fix my wheelchair in time for my first date in 10 years!!!!

- David M., August 2011

I have never had any problems with QuickQuid. They are responsible lenders and trusted. I would recommend them.

- Deborah B., October 2010

All staff I have contact with are extremely courteous and helpful at all times.

- Jill B., October 2010

Very useful for my circumstances, happy to use again – feels secure and confidential.

- Terence U., October 2010

You gave me a loan when needed. The whole process was very simple, a big big thank you, I will always use your service.

- Peter H., February 2010

Excellent customer service…unlike other companies, you make every customer feel valued and welcome…something money cannot buy.”

- Nick G., November 2009

“I’ve never written a testimonial before but feel the need to share that I was very happy with the service provided by Quick Quid and have recommended friends to use it. I found myself in a tricky financial situation a few months ago and saw the advert on TV. I applied and the loan was approved same day with no fuss and the funds were in my account the same day. I needed some extra cash this month and all my details were saved and no fuss again. Really appreciate it.”

- Pam S., October 2009

I found your company excellent when I hit some difficulties. I expected serious charges and penalties, but they were very understanding and helpful. I am now back on track and will continue to use the service.

- Rosie P., August 2009