10 Best Phone Apps to Help You Save


best appsOur mobiles have become a multi-tool we cannot live without. Phones are no longer just our communication devices; they’re our calculators, alarm clocks, maps, to-do lists, calendars, cameras and so much more! We use our phones every day to make our lives easier and more convenient. With the right apps, we can improve our day-to-day even more by budgeting better! We’ve compiled a list of 10 useful apps that help you save or earn money in unique ways, proving that your mobile is the best tool you’ll ever own!



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

Whether you’re buying a gift, something for the house or even groceries, the Amazon app can help you see what you would pay online for the same product. The app lets you scan the barcode of any item you’re considering and returns Amazon search results for it.



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

This app lets you see if there are any deals in the area you’re currently in. The deals range from restaurants to beauty treatments and local stores to fun things to do. You may be able to snag some big savings right around the corner from home or work!



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

Using your phone’s GPS, the discount app Vouchercloud offers real-world discounts directly on your phone based on your current location. From restaurants, pubs and bars to entertainment and travel, you’ll find plenty of vouchers to choose from.


mySupermarket ­

Available on iOS, Android (Free)

mySupermarket’s app can help you slash some cash at the supermarket with little to no effort. Simply scan a product using the app’s built-in scanner and you’ll receive related prices in surrounding supermarkets. If you’re open to suggestions, the app will also offer cheaper in-store alternatives for the items you’ve already scanned.



Available on iOS, Android (Free, premium upgrade available)

With Waze navigation, your drive will never be the same and you’ll save in more ways than you thought possible. This community-based app shows real time accidents and speed traps so you can save money on petrol by taking the best route and avoid potential speeding tickets!



Available on iOS, Android (Free, in-app Skype credit can be purchased)

If you travel frequently or have friends and family in other countries, you already know that international calling rates are expensive. With Skype, you can chat and video call with other Skype users for free over Wi-Fi. If your friend or relative isn’t a Skype user, don’t worry — you can also add credits to your account and call them on their mobile for cheap!



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

Are you on a limited messaging plan or going over your maximum every month? With WhatsApp, you can text and share audio and video messages with your friends without having to worry about your monthly usage!


Your Bank’s App

Varies based on bank

If you’re in an unfamiliar area and your personal bank has an app (Pingit, First Direct, HSBC, etc.), it should be able to help you find a branch or ATM near you. That means you’ll avoid fees that you might pay at a cash machine that’s out of your network.



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

In a time where most of our entertainment avenues are available through streaming services and stored in clouds, who needs hard copies of DVDs, CDs and games? The MusicMagpie platform allows you to sell old discs online that you don’t want anymore.



Available on iOS, Android (Free)

If you love to travel, get great deals and know that patience pays, the Hopper flight app is for you. Just plug in the destination and the dates you want to travel and Hopper’s smart algorithm will tell you if it’s the best time to buy or not. Their predictive model will recommend you buy right away, or if they anticipate the price dropping more, they’ll tell you to hold off and provide a window of time to check in. You can even set alerts to “watch” a flight and buy at the optimal time.






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