10 Ways to Repurpose Empty Wine Bottles


I recently published a post titled “15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles” on our sister site, Pounds to Pocket.


As you can see, there are lots of great ideas out there on how to turn plastic bottles into something even better when they’re empty.


That got me thinking — what can I do with other kinds of bottles, like wine, for instance? Turns out, there are even more amazing ways to repurpose wine bottles than there are plastic bottles — and it’s way more fun to empty the former.


Check out these 10 crafty ideas on how to transform empty wine bottles into useful, awesome creations that are perfect for the home or to give as gifts. Please do not attempt any of these crafts without proper safety equipment and taking proper safety precautions.


1. Drinking Glass


Drinking glasses are expensive, especially good quality ones. But with this idea on how to make custom glasses at home, you can have a whole new set without spending a penny. The basic idea is to cut the bottle where you want it — different heights will create different sized drinking glasses — sand the lip to make it smooth, and decorate the glass. Just three simple steps to turning wine bottles into drinking glasses.


2. Accent Light


This idea requires a few tools and accessories, but the finished product will brighten your day — literally. The general premise is to drill a hole in the back of a nice wine bottle — preferably one in a great color with a cool label — and stuff LED Christmas lights into the bottle. You can find the full instructions on how to turn wine bottles into accent lights at Instructables.


3. Tiki Torch


If you have a rustic outdoor entertaining area, this DIY project that turns empty wine bottles into fiery tiki torches may be right up your alley. Very cool, indeed, because you can actually see where the level of torch fuel is so you always know when it’s time to refill. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the outdoor weather, which makes these homemade torches far superior than the ones you’d buy at the store.


4. Table Lamp


If you’re going for a clean aesthetic in your décor, this idea for turning wine or liquor bottles into working lamps is ideal because it calls for clear bottles instead of coloured ones (although you can use coloured bottles if you prefer). You’ll need very few tools for this (which you probably already have) and a few other accessories, like a lampshade. But if you’re replacing an old lamp with this new wine bottle lamp, simply reuse the shade to save even more money.


5. Cheese Tray


Impress your friend with this handmade cheese tray that absolutely looks like it was professionally crafted and purchased in a high-end store. To flatten the bottle you’ll need to fire it in a kiln or another enclosed area that has very high heat. If you don’t have a kiln handy (and I don’t expect that you will), take the bottle to your local pottery or ceramics shop (I’m sure there’s one nearby) and ask them if they could fire the bottle for you.


6. Wine Stoppers


Where there’s wine, there are corks. Instead of tossing the corks in the trash, repurpose them by turning the corks into custom-made wine stoppers by using found objects. Any kind of small decorative trinket will work, and they’re so easy to make that you can put together a few of them at a time to give to your dinner party hosts along with a bottle of wine when you arrive.


7. Candleholder


This is a foolproof idea if there ever was one. When you finish a bottle of Chianti (which is known for it’s shorter, fatter bottles), clean it out and stick a taper handle in the top. Voila! You have an instant candleholder a la every Italian restaurant seen in the movies.


8. Flower Vase


You can stick flowers into any empty, clean wine bottle, but if you want a more elegant vase that looks expensive and stylish, check out this idea on how to craft very cool vases.


9. Wind Chime


Cindy Shepard, the author of Bottle Art, gives instructions on how to make a wine bottle wind chime in this video tutorial. You’ll have to cut off the top half of a few wine bottles, which you can learn how to do with this video on how to cut a wine bottle in 30 seconds. After that, the rest of the project take less than five minutes once you have your other materials gathered.


10. Wall Sconce


I see wine bottle wall sconces in stores and mail-order catalogs all the time. They’re neat additions to shabby chic décor, but you can make them yourself. All you really need are a few pieces of hardware to clip around the bottle and another piece to fasten the bottles to the wall. Take a look at one idea on how to make a wine bottle wall sconce here. When the project is finished, put a candle in the sconce or fill it with fresh or plastic flowers.


Have any more ideas on how to repurpose empty wine bottles? Let me know in the comments below.



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