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Unauthorised Overdraft Charges Hit Record High, This is Money Reports

Banks are charging an average of 19.47 percent on unauthorised overdrafts, the highest rate since records began in 1995, This is Money reported early February. A consumer overdrawn ... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Make Extra Money Now

1. Sell or Recycle Your Old Electronics – If you’re anything like me, you probably have several old mobiles, cameras and iPods lying around the flat. You just never get rid of ... Continue Reading →

The Answer to Excelling in Grocery Retail is Right in Front of You

While most grocery stores are just one branch of a larger chain, no single store could survive without the employees who run it. The success of any grocery store relies heavily on ... Continue Reading →

Listening to QuickQuid Customers

What is the major goal of any business? To improve its product? Technically, yes. But in order to accomplish this goal, a business must first focus on what’s most important ­— ... Continue Reading →
Credit Cards

Payday Loans are Becoming More Mainstream, Guardian Reports

Payday loans could become more common than credit cards, according to a recent report cited by The Guardian in early February. Leading UK accountancy firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), ... Continue Reading →

3 Ways Being Lazy Can Cost You Money

While some might feel the title is a bit harsh, if we’re honest with ourselves, there are certain times ALL of us are lazy to some degree, and it costs us money. A great deal of ... Continue Reading →

How to Update Your Wardrobe without Going Broke

There’s a large portion of our society that loves to go shopping — for anything really, but especially clothes. Then, of course, there are those who despise shopping all together ... Continue Reading →

Do You Have What it Takes to Make it in Retail?

The job and career possibilities that exist within the retail industry are endless. They expand across companies, brands, departments and so on, leaving the window of opportunity wide ... Continue Reading →

The Independent Cites EU Initiative to Shut Down Rogue Payday Loan Sites

The European Union will close down payday loan companies that break European consumer rules, The Independent reported January. EU investigations of credit card companies and personal ... Continue Reading →

A World without Payday Loans

As a result of the recent global recession, the demand for payday loans grew significantly in a span of three years. From the United States to China, consumers began relying on short-term ... Continue Reading →

Budgeting Methods Worth a Try

In today’s economy, it’s tough making ends meet, especially with what’s going on with government debt, austerity and job prospects. So, it’s more important than ever to think ... Continue Reading →