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Investing Basics – A Starting Point

While the economy makes it seem tough to make ends meet for so many, and many use a payday loan may when their short on cash between paydays, it’s also important to think about the ... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Save Now So You Can Splurge Later

  Planning to make a big purchase in the near future? Have your eye on something special for someone else? Can you afford it?   If you answered yes to either of the first ... Continue Reading →

One-Third of UK Pays Bills with Overdrafts, Reports Telegraph

One in three Britons used an overdraft in the past 12 months to pay the bills, the Telegraph reported this week. Research shows that regular use of a £500 overdraft may add up to ... Continue Reading →

Podcasts for Continuing Education

Skip the Tuition While learning from your computer can be one of the most convenient and rewarding ways to further your education, some of us don’t even have the time to do that ... Continue Reading →

Compare QuickQuid’s Charges to Other Forms of Credit

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What To Do With a Surprise Financial Windfall

As unlikely as it may seem, at some point in your life you may be end up on the receiving end of a large financial windfall. It could be an inheritance from a long-lost relative, an ... Continue Reading →

3 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

It’s not wise to spend beyond your means, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. Unexpected expenses will pop up all time — a doctor’s visit, car repairs, a million other things ... Continue Reading →

Price of Stamps Going Up, According to BBC News Online

The days of the 46-pence first class stamp will soon be behind us, BBC News Online reported this week. Royal Mail has announced plans to boost prices on first class and second class ... Continue Reading →

Speak Your Way to a Better Career

In today’s competitive job market, it doesn’t hurt to have a skill on your CV that might give you that extra boost you need to close the interview. With such a large job pool and ... Continue Reading →

Why Use QuickQuid Over Other Lenders (infographic)

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Comparing Home Insurance Options to Save the Most Money

Homeowner’s insurance is one of those things you need to have but hate to pay for. Fortunately for you as a consumer though, you can comparison shop or change the settings in your ... Continue Reading →