The Inconvenience of Unauthorised Bank Overdraft Charges

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With how expensive unexpected bills, car repairs and other emergency expenses can get these days, it’s frustrating when you have also pay for unauthorised bank overdraft charges. These charges occur when a person withdraws more money from their bank account than they currently have. So what steps can be taken to avoid overdraft fees? That’s easy — QuickQuid short-term loans.


As one of the United Kingdom’s most trusted online lenders, QuickQuid has helped thousands of Britons bridge the gap between paydays. And a February 2012 QuickQuid customer survey revealed that nearly 52 percent of customers have actually used a payday loan to avoid expensive unauthorised bank overdraft charges.


And why wouldn’t they? With a QuickQuid short-term loan, borrowers faced with an emergency expense can not only ensure that they’ll have a sufficient amount of money in their bank account, but they’ll also be able to use that money to cover their immediate expense. It also doesn’t hurt that QuickQuid makes the process as quick and convenient as possible.


“I have used QuickQuid many times now and have to say that their service has always been excellent,” Peter, a QuickQuid customer, wrote in the QuickQuid forum.


With unexpected bills, car repairs and other emergency expenses, unauthorised bank overdraft fees are the last things a person wants to worry about when money is already tight. But unlike the majority of emergency expenses, unauthorised overdraft fees can be easily avoided. People just need to be aware of their spending habits and make sure they are only buying things they need — not things they want.


Comments and data from February 2012 QuickQuid customer survey and QuickQuid forum


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