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Spend Savvy Tip 3 – Save on Cleaning Supplies Video

How Can I Save Money on Cleaning Services? Hi! I’m Mikey Rox, and this is Spend Savvy, the super short show where I deliver money-saving tips and tricks for everyday life.   Today’s ... Continue Reading →

Is Your Generosity Hurting Your Budget?

One thing nobody likes to be called is cheap. There are many slurs and nicknames to go along with being known for a lack of generosity, but you never hear of an insult for someone ... Continue Reading →

Spring Clean Your Finances for a Great 2012

Dealing with finances isn’t always the most exciting thing, especially when the weather is starting to get nicer like it is now. However, by picking one time of the year to go through ... Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for Disasters for Less

If you believe the Mayan calendar, the world is going to end this December.   But these days you don’t need a centuries-old doomsday prediction to work yourself into a fright ... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Increasing Your Wages in Just One Step

We all want to make more money, right? But how? I’ll let you in on a secret. The number one way that you can make more money is by advancing your career. And to do that, you ... Continue Reading →

Spend Savvy Tip 1 – Save on Doctors Bills Video

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Spending Good vs Evil (infographic)

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22 Ways Newlyweds Can Say ‘I Do’ to Saving Money

If you’ve had a wedding recently, your wallet has probably taken a hit. It’s not cheap to get hitched these days.   While you work to rebuild your slush fund, there are ways ... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Carry Some Cash

Many people say we’re moving to a “cashless” society. As many of us have switched from paying for everything with cash to using credit cards and now, even getting ... Continue Reading →