Top Sites to Save Money on Groceries with Free Coupons



Whether you love it or hate it, grocery shopping is an integral part of our lives. How often you go doesn’t matter — we all have to eat and put food on the table for our families. Although it may be more convenient for you to eat out every night, your wallet certainly won’t think so.

But don’t get us wrong — groceries aren’t cheap. While you’ll typically save more money buying groceries instead of dining out over time, it’s hard to justify spending up to £100 at the supermarket on any given night.

Fortunately, there are resources out there to help you save money on groceries, including free grocery store coupons. We compiled a list of the top websites offering coupons to show you how to save money on groceries with coupons:

  • Martin Lewis’ – Personal finance guru Martin Lewis offers a regularly updated list of coupons to help you slash some serious money at the supermarket.
  • – Marketed as one of the original UK free stuff sites, they offer grocery coupons, discount vouchers and online shopping codes to help you save money at the supermarket, restaurants and stores.
  • – What’s better than getting something cheap? Getting it FREE! This site offers plenty of freebies, in addition to the latest printable vouchers to supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment spots.
  • — Full of daily deals and in-store savings, CouponShop delivers the deals right to you. Sign up for alerts so you are the first to know when coupons get posted for your favourite item or store.
  • — A one-stop-shop for all your coupon-based needs. Extreme Couponing UK links to coupons and freebies, as well as contests from major brands and product testing. You won’t even need coupons with all the free items you can get!

These are just a few of the many online resources that show you how to use coupons to save money. If you prefer a more modern coupon source, check out the money saving apps listed on this blog post.

6 Rules to Increase Your Savings

Couponing isn’t the only way to save money on groceries. If you truly want to slash your grocery bill in half, you need to familiarise yourself with these supermarket rules:

Rule #1: Never buy pre-packaged salad. Although it’s convenient to have your salad already made for you, you can easily buy your own head of lettuce and get it washed for a third of the cost.
Rule #2: Stay away from bottled water. Why spend up to £4 on bottled water when you can get water free from your home’s faucet? If you’re concerned about the purity of your water, invest in a pitcher with a filter for your refrigerator.
Rule #3: Choose bags of dried beans. Many people buy canned beans because they’re easier to cook than dried beans. The truth is, they’re both easy to cook; with a cheaper price tag, always go for the bags.
Rule #4: Generic over brand name. In most cases, the taste difference between generic and brand names is small or nonexistent. The price tag, however, is not. Look for generic cereals on the bottom shelf, as they taste great at half the cost of a brand-name cereal.
Rule #5: Skip the organic aisle. Unless you’re a stickler for organic food, avoid this section at all times. The food may look more healthy and appealing, but the price tag will be much larger.
Rule #6: Always take a list. Supermarkets know how to tempt you into making impulse purchases, so it’s important you stick to your list. All of your savings from hard work collecting coupons could quickly be undone by a couple random items thrown in your cart at the last minute.


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