5 Life Experiences You Can Enjoy for Free in the Great Outdoors


Hands holding the sunriseJust because you might be short on funds or the economy isn’t doing well, it doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold — especially if you have a significant other. While many traditional outings entail spending a fair amount of money for something memorable, there are several free or cheap options at your disposal from Mother Nature. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider that would be both memorable and as affordable as they come!

  • Watch a Sunrise or Sunset Together – There’s a website dedicated solely to providing the times and phases of the moon and sunrises/sunsets for various countries, including England. Check it out and plan a night out from a scenic location. Or if you’re an early bird, sunrises can be even more breathtaking sometimes given the conditions in the sky that morning.
  • Stargazing and Celestial Events – There are many different interesting events occurring in the sky each year ranging from satellites falling through the atmosphere to comets and certain planets becoming visible to the naked eye when the conditions are right. Depending on whether you want to relay on your own eyesight or if you have access to a telescope, this can make for a fun outing at night, especially if you find a nice dark and secluded lookout since the sky is much better watch away from the city lights.
  • Participate in a Community Service Event – A nice community bonding opportunity is to volunteer for some sort of cleanup, building project, or other organised event in your area.  Reach out to your social network or keep an eye on announcements in the local media about organised events. You may find that you enjoy the experience for several reasons — being outside, meeting new people, a sense of community and belonging, a sense of accomplishment, and finally, people often feel better about helping others than helping themselves.
  • Special Picnic – While you’d have to pay for the food for a picnic, you have to eat each day anyway, so it’s not necessarily any more expensive than a typical day. Find a nice location to lie out a blanket and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. Perhaps a hike in the mountains or some time near the water — wherever you decide, surely it will be better than eating indoors in a chair!
  • Enjoy a Parade – Depending where you live, there are probably various outdoor celebrations outdoors. Aside from probably having some laughs, taking in some music and visual experiences and getting some exercise, you may find you want to turn it into an annual outing. Look up your city or town’s activity calendar online and see if there are any parades or celebrations that fit your interests.

Personally, I’ve derived more pleasure from life experiences of material possessions, so our family is often looking for different things to do on nice days to break up our routine a bit.





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