Insider Info on How to be Financially Responsible as a Couple


Financially Responsible as a Couple
Learning to be financially responsible as a couple may be easy for some couples that have similar financial beliefs and similar financial habits. But what if you have different financial views? Then it’s not so easy.

If you are like me, then you have been with your spouse for a long time and may have learned together how to be financially responsible as a couple.  However, if couples get together when they are older and they are already set in their financial ways, becoming financially responsible as a couple may be more of an adjustment.

What is Financial Responsibility?

Being financially responsible means something different for everyone based on your own personal financial priorities. I believe that being financially responsible means that you can pay your bills on time each month and that you are working/saving towards your own financial goals. Some people feel that being financially responsible means that you manage your money well enough to maintain the lifestyle that you want to have and save a little bit of money at the same time. Some other people feel that a good credit score determines your financial responsibility. What does financial responsibility mean to you?

How to be Financially Responsible in Your Relationship

For Young Couples:

Growing together as a couple allows you to incorporate new ideas and habits into your relationship. One habit to learn would be how to manage money together. However, be careful not to develop unhealthy financial habits together or your goal for financial responsibility will backfire.

For Mature Couples:

The advantage of merging your finances later in life is that you may be able to balance each other out if say you are an over-spender and your spouse is a super-saver. If your financial habits are less than perfect and you want to change your financial habits, then you can learn from your spouse. There is also something to be said about knowing that your spouse is relying on your money management skills for their well being. It can automatically make you want to be financially responsible.

How do you manage your money as a couple? I would love to hear from you.




Kristina is a Financial Services Professional with over 12 years of experience working in the Banking industry. She helps people invest their money wisely and plan for their retirement at DINKS Finance. Kristina enjoys helping people plan their personal budget, pay down their debts, and enjoy their financial lives.