Jewellery Organiser for Under £7


Jewellery Organiser for Under £7


Jewellery Organiser


Jewellery boxes and organisers can end up costing a small fortune — up to £150 or more! But who on earth has that kind of quid sitting around? So instead, we tried out this cheap DIY version of a jewellery  “cabinet,” spending just £6.49 on simple items you can get at any hardware store.

What you need

– A wooden dowel (£3.49)

– 3 adhesive hooks (£3)

– Leftover paint from around your house or a sample size from a store (Free!)

– The interior of a closet door (at home)

The night before you begin putting your organiser together, use some leftover paint to paint the wooden dowel — either to match the interior of your door or just a colour you fancy. You’ll want to do this the night before to leave time for the paint to dry.

Don’t have any spare paint lying around? No worries! Many hardware or home improvement stores give away free sample-sizes of paint colours. All you have to do is ask. And the best part? You can choose your favourite from dozens of colours!


Jewellery Organiser

Now that you’ve gotten your dowel taken care of, prep your closet door by cleaning it with a damp rag. Next, use a pencil to mark how high you want to place your hooks. But make sure it’s level!

You’ll also want to test that your jewellery and hanger bar won’t keep you from being able to shut the door. You don’t want a shelf getting in the way of your new organiser so double check your pencil marks.

Next, place the sticky hooks on their marks. Press and hold for a little more than 30 seconds to make sure that they’re on there for good (or at least until you decide to take them off).


Jewellery Organiser

This is what our version looked like. Let the adhesive on the back of the hooks dry for about an hour. Be patient! Do not rush this step. If you do, the weight of your jewellery  could bring your entire collection crashing down, and I’m sure you don’t want to ruin all your beautiful jewellery. Plus, in the meantime you can place your necklaces, bracelets and bangles onto the hanger bar.


Jewellery Organiser

After the hour is up, place your jewellery bar on the sticky hooks. And voila! Here’s what ours looks like — and all for only £6.49!


Jewellery Organiser

Copy our jewellery organiser idea just like we did and tell us how it worked for you. You can even share this DIY project with your friends, family and followers with our easy share buttons below!





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