10 Best Phone Apps to Help You Save


10 Best Phone Apps to Help You Save

Although smartphones are more and more common these days, they usually come with a hefty phone bill. Internet, messaging, games — they all add up over time! Fortunately, you can offset the cost of your monthly bill by downloading the following 10 apps to help you save on other parts of your budget.

  • Amazon Price Check – Whether you’re buying a gift, something for the house or even groceries, Amazon Price Check can help you see what you would pay online for the same product. The app lets you scan the barcode of whatever item you’re considering and returns Amazon search results for it.
  • Groupon – This app lets you see if there are any deals in the area that you’re currently in. The deals are often time sensitive, but if you’re looking for a place to grab lunch or dinner and you’re not too picky, you may be able to snag some big savings without having to think too far ahead.  
  • Vouchercloud – Using your phone’s GPS, the discount site Vouchercloud offers real-world discounts directly to your phone based on your current location. From restaurants, pubs and bars to entertainment and travel, you’ll find plenty of vouchers to choose from.
  • mySupermarket ­­­– It may not be as in-depth as its website counterpart, but mySupermarket’s app can still help you slash some cash at the supermarket. Simply scan a product using the app’s built-in scanner and you’ll receive related prices in surrounding supermarkets. If you’re open to suggestions, the app will also offer cheaper in-store alternatives for the items you’ve already scanned.
  • NavFree – With NavFree, you can save money on petrol by getting to your destination as quickly as possible. It comes with preloaded maps and turn-by-turn navigation, meaning you’ll never take a wrong turn ever again.
  • Skype – If you travel frequently or have friends and family in other countries, you already know that international calling rates are expensive. With Skype, you can chat and video call with other Skype users for free over Wi-Fi. If your friend or relative isn’t a Skype user, don’t worry — you can also add credits to your account and call them on their mobile for cheap!
  • Whatsapp – Are you on a limited messaging plan or going over your maximum every month? With Whatsapp, you can text and share audio and video messages with your friends without having to worry about your monthly usage!
    • Onavo Extend – If you’re only going to choose one app to download from this list,

this should be the one. Onavo compresses your data by up to 500 percent so you get more bang for your buck, meaning you can spend more time on the Internet and download more things!

  • Nosey Parker – Although the app itself isn’t free, its small price tag could help you save hundreds of pounds in the future if you’re a frequent driver. Nosey Parker consists of about 1.8 million parking spaces around the UK and helps you find the nearest and cheapest spot around you.
  • Your Bank’s App – If you’re in an unfamiliar area and your personal bank has an app (Barclays Pingit, First Direct, HSBC, etc.), it should be able to help you find a branch or ATM near you. That means you’ll avoid fees that you might pay at a cash machine that’s out of your network.

What are some of your favourite apps to save money?



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