Feel The Burn in 10 Minutes – Infographic

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Just how many calories can you burn in 10 minutes? Check out this new infographic to find out!

Feel The Burn in 10 Minutes FINAL

This infographic is brought to you by QuickQuid.


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7 Responses to “Feel The Burn in 10 Minutes – Infographic”

  1. Shira

    Mar 02. 2013

    Hi Quidy,

    I am seeking permission to reprint this image. Who is the appropriate person to contact?


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  2. Quidy

    May 06. 2013

    Hi, Shira. Please email us at social@quickquid.co.uk with details on how you would like to use the infographic. We’d be happy to provide embed code for you to use on your blog. Cheers!

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  3. Grocery Diet

    Aug 18. 2013

    Thanks I’m already used it in my blog , you can see it on this link : http://www.grocerydiets.com/feel-the-burn-in-10-minutes-infographic/

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    • Quidy

      Sep 19. 2013

      Thanks, Grocery Diet. Would you please link back to us as the source on your post? Cheers!

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  4. johne

    Oct 30. 2013

    thank you so much

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  6. Quidy

    Dec 05. 2013

    Thanks for the kind words Naturopathic Medicine Schools!

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