New E-Book Promises Frugality Can be Reality


New E-Book Promises Frugality Can be Reality

The first chapter of QuickQuid’s new e-book, The Frugal Living Handbook, is now available online!

What’s this e-book?

It’s a simple guide to making the most of your income, no matter the amount.

Chapter one deals with creating a budget, and later chapters will delve deeper into all aspects of a frugal life — in the home, on the town, and anywhere money is concerned.

Reading the e-book will not only help you learn to pinch pennies. It could also help you win prizes.


What’s the challenge?

To save £3,000 by this time next year. That much money could pay for 50% of the average British household’s debt, not including mortgages.1


But you won’t be doing it alone. Follow the highs and lows of Mikey Rox as he tackles the Frugal Year Challenge and blogs about his experiences. His posts will be available from month to month on Quid Corner.


There’s nothing left to do but read chapter one! Check it out.







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