August’s Frugal Living Challenge: Skills to Save at Home


Frugal Living August

Interested in ways you can save around the house? The August champ of our Frugal Year Essay Contest and winner of £250, Laura M., has a great idea for anyone looking to learn something new to help cut down on in-home spending.


“I found a deal on Groupon for a course at my local adult education college, helping me to improve the skills needed to tackle most household repairs.

The college course covered basic plumbing, painting and car maintenance — all using basic tools like a hammer and screwdriver. The extended course taught me how to grow my own fruits and vegetables, and even make jam!

For the cost of £50, I was soon wiping out costly call-out charges. I can now clear the blocked toilet or U-bend pipe, and change the oil in my own car, saving £50 instantly. I would thoroughly recommend this route to anyone. I am a girlie girl, so if I can do it, anyone can!”


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Promotion ends 31/12/2014



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