Money Management Apps for Couples


couple headerHow do you and your partner manage your money? Do you divvy up bills and hope to remember due dates? Do you share a financial calendar at home? Keeping a balanced budget can help you and your partner stay on track with your expenses — especially your bills and spending. If you’re struggling to find a convenient and easy-to-use option, consider managing your money through a smartphone app. These apps let you manage your money wherever you go, making it easy to check in and ensure you’re hitting the goals you need to hit to improve your financial health.

If your money management system needs some serious help, consider downloading one of these six smartphone apps:



Operating system: iOS, Android and Windows

Great for: Couples who own a business or have a lot of business-related expenses.

Expensify is a free smartphone app that is offered on smartphone and web interfaces. This app has four main money-tracking features: SmartScan, Add Expense, Track Time and Track Business. These features allow you to categorise, tag and add expense reports. You are also able to add your credit card and track your total account balances.


Mint Bills

Operating system: iOS and Android

Great for: Forgetful people who would benefit from reminders.

Mint Bills, formerly known as Check, is a free app that stays on top of your bills and monitors your bank accounts and credit cards. You can set reminders for when your bills are due or schedule a future payment. This app has three layers of security features that ensure your information is safe and secure: bank-level security, in-app security and real-time alerts.



Operating system: iOS

Great for: Individuals whose budget changes frequently.

Spending is a free app where you can track your month-to-month spending and divide your budget up into five categories: food, transportation, utility bills, education and personal. On the app, you can view your spending by day, week, month and year to help you get the bigger picture and see spending patterns over time.


HBL MoneyWise

Operating system: iOS and Android

Good for: Couples who could use a little financial advice.

MoneyWise is a free app created to aid you in balancing your budget, tracking your expenses and banking on the go. The home interface is extremely efficient and straightforward, featuring options for budget overview, categories, reports and locating nearby ATMs. This app has also been well received because of its personal touches. There are useful budgeting tips at the top of the screen generated from your spending habits, making it very easy for you to implement them.



Operating system: iOS and Android

Good for: Couples who need help syncing up their finances.

Dollarbird is a smart calendar app for your finances where you can add your income and expenses to a shared calendar. The interface of the app allows you to view how much you have spent every day of the month. You can also track expenses by color-coded categories! Dollarbird also offers PIN code protection and an option to download all your expenses into a spreadsheet.


Grocery Smart

Operating system: iOS and Android

Good for: Couples on opposite schedules.

Ever arrive home, arms full of groceries, only to find that your partner had the same idea and surprised you with similar groceries? Grocery Smart allows you to not only build your shopping list, but also share it across several devices and with other people. This app also integrates weekly ads and will help you choose the best place to buy what you need for the best price. Grocery shopping budgeting has never been this easy!



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