Easy Halloween Costume Ideas


3 Step Skeleton Costume

All Hallow’s Eve might be known by many different names but as always, it’s celebrated with sweet treats, festivities and creative costumes. Get in on the fun by creating your own spooky skeleton getup this year in three simple steps!

Supplies Needed:

  • An old t-shirt (one you don’t mind cutting up)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Face paint

Step 1: Draw two columns of cuts on the front of your old shirt using a pen or pencil.

Step 2: Carefully cut out the ribs, following your pen/pencil markings.

Step 3: Get artistic and paint your spooky skeleton face, and voila, you’re done! And scary!


*Pro Tips:

  • Wear a different color shirt under your cutout skeleton shirt to make your ribs stand out.
  • Face paint is optional but adds extra flair to your look.


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