How to Host an Affordable Holiday Party


How to Host an Affordable Holiday Party

What makes a wonderful holiday party? Some might say it’s the delicious food, drinks, decorations, friends and family. Yes, but what makes it even more wonderful is bringing all those things together — while staying within your budget!

How do you throw an affordable soiree? We’ll share our tips with you below.

Create a Menu

First things first, jot down your ideal menu for your holiday party. What do you want to serve your guests as they are arriving and for dinner? Identify what you can prepare yourself and what you will need to ask for assistance with.

Also keep in mind that just because you are keeping costs down, doesn’t mean you should skimp on sharing the evening’s menu with your guests. To create your menu, stop in at a local craft store and purchase card stock to print your menu on. Glue the finished menu to a frame that you have lying around your home and display it at your holiday party!

Signature Drink

To save money, make the executive decision to serve one signature drink at your holiday party. It doesn’t have to be over the top or contain multiple ingredients, but be sure it pairs well with your finger foods and entree. If any of your guests ask how they can contribute, let them know what drink ingredients they can bring!

Simple Snacks

The key component to throwing an affordable holiday party is to keep things simple. To do that, include simple snacks and finger foods at your party! Prepare some toasties using local artisanal breads and cheeses and a variety of pizzas!

For a simple homemade pizza recipe, visit Pound Place — Homemade Hawaiian Pizza.

Dinner on a Budget

Serving dinner at your holiday party will be your largest expense. To keep costs reasonable, serve pasta! Pasta is an inexpensive and delicious solution for a large dinner. To dress it up, add some grilled chicken or shrimp and toss it with olive oil, fresh herbs and cheese. It will look colourful, taste delicious and save you a pretty penny!

Desserts Table

No holiday party would be complete without a dessert table! To assemble a beautiful and delicious table (that doesn’t look cheap) put all the sweet items on silver trays. You can visit a local discount store to find inexpensive silver platters to serve all of your evening’s items on. It’s nearly impossible for desserts to not look exquisite and festive on a shiny silver platter!


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