In Style and On Budget: Holiday Fashion Tips


Frugal Holiday Party Style

The holidays are a very special time — with no shortage of occasions to dress up and look your best. However if you’re not careful, looking your best can mean running your savings dry. With the cost of a new dress or suit, shoes to match and accessories to accent, the price of a holiday outfit can get very pricey. So this year, go easy on your wallet and get creative with your holiday-wear.


Here are some tips on how to dress in style without breaking the bank.


Thrift or Second-Hand Stores

Skip the expensive department stores and browse through thrift, consignment or resale shops to find second-hand fashion at a fraction of the price. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that especially applies to clothing and accessories. You can find some high quality items at an extremely discounted price. Once you find a gem you love, there’s an extra feeling of satisfaction because it’s like digging for treasure.



If you have enough time and enough creative flair, try making your holiday outfit!

There are many DIY boards and instructional videos you can draw from for inspiration. You could end up making a beautiful unique outfit from scratch, at little-to-no cost, which you can be sure no one will be wearing at the holiday party!


Smart Staples

If you have multiple holiday events to attend (and thus have multiple reasons to dress up), think about investing in a key piece or two to repurpose throughout the season.

Items such as a little black dress, slacks or nice dress shoes can go with everything and be worn to each event. Simply change your look by wearing the same piece but adding in different accessories or a different hairstyle.


Work It

Pick up a seasonal retail gig! Not only will working at a retail store around the holidays allow you to pocket some extra shopping money, but you’ll also most likely get their employee discount and get major markdowns on their products! So make sure you choose a store that matches your style to get discounted pieces for your holiday wardrobe!



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