10 DIY Gift Ideas


10 DIY Gift Ideas

This season is the perfect time to show friends and family your appreciation by giving back. But showing your care/generosity doesn’t have to mean spending money on expensive gifts. For a meaningful, creative and arguably more thoughtful way to show your friends and family some love, try out DIY gifts! DIY gifts save you a bundle and will let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you after they see the time, effort and thought you put into crafting these one-of-a-kind gifts. For 10 perfect DIY gift ideas, read below!


1. Hot Chocolate in a Jar: Give friends and family an easy way to enjoy a classic wintertime favourite! Just grab a mason jar and fill it with all the ingredients for hot chocolate. First, scoop the hot cocoa mix into the jar until about half way full. Then place three chocolate peppermint squares on top of the mix and spoon mini marshmallows in to fill the jar the rest of the way. Top it with a candy cane to make it extra tasty, and tie the lid with some red ribbon to make it festive!

2. Decorated Mugs: For an easy and useful gift, make a fun and decorative mug for friends to enjoy their coffee or tea! Simply pick up a plain white mug and an oil-based permanent marker. Draw fun designs or an inspiring message on the mug and let it dry overnight. Then, bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and leave it in the oven until it cools completely to avoid it cracking. After cooled, tie a ribbon around the mug and gift some tea or coffee with it for an added treat!

3. Succulent Planter: This gift can take many forms as most anything these days can be dubbed as a planter. Anything from soda cans to wine corks can be used as a planter with some imagination and creativity. All you need to do is fill the chosen object with a few inches of crushed stone for drainage and then top with potting soil to surround and secure the plant. Or, opt for an air plant to make things easier with less hassle!

4. Teacup Candles: Find your cutest, most darling teacup and turn it into a candleholder for a wonderful, easy and inexpensive gift! You’ll need a candle making kit, hot glue gun and of course, a teacup! Glue the wick to the bottom of the teacup, make the candle mixture and melt the wax. Mix the scent in and pour everything into the teacup. Wait for the wax to harden to gift this sweet and warming present!

5. Heart Blanket: For an extra lovable gift, make a heart blanket. All you’ll need is a plain throw blanket, cardboard, paintbrush and red paint. Start by cutting out cardboard hearts of different sizes. Paint those red and stamp the blanket in any pattern you like. After the hearts are placed, touch up any spots with the paintbrush. Voila! You’ve made a cosy and adorable gift, perfect for cuddling by the fire.

6. Picture Coasters: Put your pictures and fun memories on display, while protecting furniture with picture coasters! Simply attach your favourite pictures of you and the recipient to tiles and cover with Mod Podge decoupage glue. Let them dry and add felt feet to the bottom of the coaster to protect the surface of furniture. This is a thoughtful and personal gift your friends will cherish forever!

7. Gadget Station: Any tech lover can attest to annoying cords getting in the way of their electronics and productivity. Gift them an organised and great-looking solution by making them a gadget station! First, get your hands on a wooden recipe box that will fit a USB hub with power adapter. Then, drill holes in the front and back for the extension and for the actual charging cables. To add a decorative touch, draw or wood burn a lightning bolt on top to make it clear that this is a power charging station and not a place to find pie recipes!

8. Picture Frame Tray: Turn a picture frame into a chic and useful tray for coffee, flowers or books! You will need a picture frame, decorative pulls and fabric. Simply drill holes on each side and insert the pulls. Then, place your choice of fabric behind the glass and flip it back over! This makes a great gift for anyone who loves home décor and enjoys extra organisation in his or her living room.

9. Lyrical Wall Art: For a gift that is not only meaningful but also lyrical, make song-inspired wall art! First, choose any artwork you have that you don’t mind painting over. Or, pick up an inexpensive piece at your local thrift store or resale shop. Next, spell out your favourite song lyric with adhesive vinyl letters onto the artwork. Cover the artwork and letters with white spray paint and let dry. Peel off the letters to reveal an awesome DIY masterpiece!

10. Embellished Outerwear: If you have a friend or family member who loves getting glammed up but your budget doesn’t, make them embellished outerwear! Simply take a pair of gloves and scarf and hot glue decorative gems and rhinestones on in a fun pattern. Your friends and family will love their DIY winter season glam.




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