How to Find the Best Hot Deals Online


How to Find the Best Hot Deals Online

About a decade ago, only 10% of the world’s population was shopping online. Now, more than 85% of people around the globe turn to the web to make purchases.1 While the practice of going to actual stores will never dissappear, there is something to say for the convenience of online shopping. Online shopping makes it easier to compare products’ functionality, search for the best price, and, most importantly, gain access to exclusive deals that can save money!


Now that online shopping is a popular, method of shopping, a whole new world of savings has opened up. Some stores even offer deals exclusively to online shoppers. As a result, businesses have been created solely to optimize the online shopping experience. But with so many resources for hot deals online, how do you find the best one? We’ve compiled a list of your top resources for the finest online deals. Get started now before you shop!

Subscribe to Email Lists for Your Go-To Stores: You’ll always be in the know on the latest deals. Some shops even send you exclusive deals on your birthday! If you hate getting too many emails, filter them into a folder and then search the folder when you’re ready to shop.


Follow Fashion Bloggers: Many successful fashion bloggers connect with brands to review and potentially endorse their products. These bloggers often share discount codes for these standout products. Be cautious with this type of deal, as some bloggers are paid for their endorsements and their preference may be insincere.


Check the Return Policy: Online shopping is incredibly convenient and gives you access to great deals that may not be available in-store. On the other hand, it delays the opportunity to try the product. If the product doesn’t work out, the return process can be more complicated. Check the return policy before purchasing to avoid any extra cost when mailing it back. Many retailers will accept returns from online purchases in their store at no additional charge.


Scan and Save: If you still prefer going into a store and trying on clothes or testing products before purchase, you can still harness the power of online price comparison. Apps like Amazon come equipped with a barcode scanner. Use it to check online pricing for products in-store to see if it’s worth it to purchase online.


Rent, Don’t Buy: There are a variety of businesses available online that allow you to rent expensive items rather than buy them. For example, Girl Meets Dress allows you to rent dresses and accessories for special occasions rather than buy an expensive dress you may only wear once. Other sites allow you to rent musical equipment, gardening tools and more. Weigh the best option for you in the long run.


Don’t Rent OR Buy: As more people make an effort to choose eco-friendly options, the number of resources to make green choices grow. What does that mean for the online shopper? Free, second-hand goods! Online recycling communities like Freecyle or Freegle connect you with the same or similar items for free. While the selection is limited, re-used items help to minimisse unnecessary litter in landfills.

Quid Corner Tip: Sign up for reward programs and get access to exclusive deals, upgraded shipping options and even cash back.

Zeek: This gift card marketplace is a selling platform for people who receive unwanted gift cards. Buy unused gift cards as credit toward your favourite stores for less than their actual amount. Depending on the seller and the demand for the store, you could save up to 48% next time you shop!


Amazon Subscribe: For any items you know you purchase in-store or order frequently, consider Amazon’s subscription service. Not only are your items priced cheaper, the automation factor ensures you are never without!


TopCashback: Make money simply by shopping at your favourite web retailers. Popular shopping sites like eBay, and Argos pay TopCashback to send you to their site. TopCashback gives you a percentage of your purchase back as cash.


Etsy: A hub for small business sales, Etsy allows you to shop directly from crafters around the world. Unlike major retailers, small business owners are more approachable and more open to bargaining. If you are looking to buy large quantities from Etsy, message the seller before purchase and ask about bulk order discounts. Many small business owners are looking to make a sale and are willing to cut a deal.

Quid Corner Tip: Just because the item says it’s discounted it doesn’t mean that it’s actually a bargain from the original price. Some retailers will phrase pricing in a way that gets your attention and sounds like a great deal. However, that pricing doesn’t actually save you a significant amount (if anything at all).

HUKD: HotUKDeals (HUKD) is a community where deal seekers can share sales or coupon codes. With over a million users and free registration, HUKD has some major advantages, but, it also has some drawbacks. Some deals are only for certain qualifying shoppers and won’t work for everyone. However, HUKD combats this with their temperature scale that shows how hot each deal is. The hotter the deal, the more popular and successful it is!



Gilt: Get access to exclusive discounts (up to 70%) on popular women’s and men’s clothing, home goods and more on Gilt. The catch? The deals are only for a short window of time. Most deals are daily, but some flash sales that are too good to be true are limited to smaller windows (anywhere from one to fours hours).

Quid Corner Tip: Seasonal shopping is based on the simple principal of supply and demand. If you can wait it out, purchase seasonal items right before the next cycle of products arrives. Shops are eager to make room for their new inventory and will sell last season’s trends for cheap to accomplish it quickly. Your selection may be more limited, but the savings will be much larger.

Invisible Hand: This browser extension conveniently compares prices for you so you know you’re getting the very best deal. Invisible Hand will link you to a retailer that beats the price you see so you can easily travel to the page with the best deal. If there are multiple sites, a drop-down will appear so you can choose your preferred site. This extension also works for plane tickets for many airlines.



Honey: Save time and cash! Honey is a browser extension that searches the web for the best coupon deals. When you’re ready to check out online, click the Honey button. It automatically applies the best coupon available for your purchase to the promo code section of the page.



PriceGrabber: Similar to Invisible Hand, PriceGrabber compares prices from popular online stores. What sets PriceGrabber apart is their price alert tool for the indecisive shopper. If you like an item but feel it might go on sale or the cost will drop, you can set up alerts so you can purchase it for the lowest price. They also have an internal rating system that integrates reviews from experts and shoppers, making PriceGrabber a one-stop online shopping experience.



eBay: Choose slightly used over brand new and save big. eBay provides the same or similar products for cheaper than the original retailer. Be careful and check where the item is shipping from — you may have to wait weeks to receive it or find that the item is a poor quality knock-off of the original.



Google Shopping: If you’ve found the exact product you want, copy and paste its name into a Google search. The results will show prices for your item across the web. Additionally, Google will return results that are similar to your item. If you are faithful to that specific product, this won’t be useful. To the non-committed shopper, however, it’s a great way to find an older model or different colour that is priced significantly cheaper.

Quid Corner Tip: Add the items you want to your cart, then leave. Sites track when shoppers drop off. After a small window of time, many sites will try to lure you back with a deal. Unless you need the item right away, hold off for a day and see what they offer for you to complete the purchase.

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