DIY Winter Décor


winter decor 

While most home décor stays the same year round, there is something magical about the wintertime that begs for a scheme all its own. Whether it’s the fresh sheets of winter snow or the extra time off from work to spend at home, now is a great time to try out some new DIY projects to match the excitement in the atmosphere. Let’s get cosy and crafty!



Faux Fireplace

  • If you don’t have a fireplace in your home from which you can hang your stockings, let this idea warm your heart: make a stand-in fireplace to hang from your wall. Buy S-hooks to hang over the curtain rod to hold your stockings or more décor.


Homemade Candles

  • Customise the perfect combinations of scents to make your home as cosy as possible with homemade candles. Candles made from scratch give you the chance to perfect the scent profile you want. Try this cinnamon candle to start.


Arm Knitting

  • If you love chunky, cosy scarves, but don’t know how to sew or knit, try arm knitting. This new trend has many people hooked because of its simplicity. Arm knitting is just like it sounds: instead of using the traditional set of needles, you use your arms instead. The best part? Most arm knitting projects take an hour or less!
  • Addicted to the idea of arm knitting yet? Take it a step further with this super warm and fluffy arm-knit blanket, ready to cuddle within only 45 minutes!


Photo Wreath

  • What warms your home more than memories of those you love? Display those special moments in a photo wreath. Buy a wreath from from your local craft store to give you a foundation. Then use old family photos or print out new ones and layer them around the frame. Remember to use non-acidic glue to keep the pictures from fading over time.


Light Up the Night

  • Bring the twinkle of those winter night skies inside. Weave small fairy lights into indoor greenery, wreaths or other plants to add a subtle, earnest glow to the room.
  • Fill tall clear vases with cranberries, pinecones or other small stackable winter-themed items. Weave fairy lights amongst them to make it all glow from behind.


Festive and Functional

  • Fill a bowl for your coffee table with walnuts — they look wonderfully festive and double as a snack that is always ready to go for when you have surprise guests.
  • Who’s to say that tasty beverages can’t double as décor? Set up a home-brew cocoa station with a carafe, mugs, stirrers and even toppings! A house that is ready for company is a comfortable one.



Upgrade Old Toys

  • If you have old plastic tree toys, deer figures and other wintertime staples, give them a fresh look for an inexpensive focal point. You could cover the figurine in white craft glue and coat it in glitter for a snow-kissed look, or keep it simple with a metallic paint.
  • Don’t have extra toys laying around? Use faux fruit instead!


Repurpose Tree Branches

  • There are many ways you can use fallen branches from around your yard to add rustic, holiday warmth to the interior of your home. Cut thick branches into coasters or paint letters on each one to spell out your favourite winter word or phase.
  • Leave the branches whole and stick them into a vase. Add a few drops of essential oils to the vase to bring in those warming winter smells like nutmeg, fir needle and pine.


Add Some Flair to Kitchenware

  • Grab old or broken plates to use as a canvas for a winter scene. Display them on the wall or with a picture frame prop.
  • Use classic glass saltshakers to create alternative snow globes that fit perfectly into your kitchen décor. After you put down a thick layer of “snow” (salt), add mini trees from model toy sets or small figurines.


Coffee Filter Fun

  • Inexpensive and easy, coffee filter-based crafts are a great way to make a big statement on a budget. Ruffle a dozen coffee filters and stack them. Staple them in the center and fluff to make a sphere. Cluster three in a group and hang from the ceiling for a cute focal point, or string them into a garland for the mantle.


Paper Tube Wreath

  • Decorate your door with something you tend to throw in the bin without a thought: bog rolls and wrapping paper tubes. Collect a variety of tubes to create a dynamic wreath. You can even adorn each section with sleigh bells, pinecones or other winter items.


Repurpose Wine Bottles

  • Remove the labels off used wine bottles and clean them. Gather some medium-height candlesticks to stuff into the neck — the perfect centerpiece for a nice dinner.




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