25 Lists You Should Make


listsGrocery shopping lists and to-do lists are a common daily practice amongst most individuals. Whether you choose to write things down at home or at work, lists help you stay organised and focused on the need at hand (and they ensure you don’t forget anything!). In fact, recent studies have shown that you are 42 percent more likely to complete a task simply because you wrote it down.1 Since this strategy for accomplishing your to-do’s is so successful, why limit your list-usage to simple daily tasks?

Allow yourself to organise other areas of your life with a simple list. Seeing all the items listed out can give you a better sense of how to accomplish them or motivate you more so you can get the satisfaction of crossing something off. Alternatively, you can keep daily lists around to add positive thoughts and affirmations to. Whatever the reason you want to keep a list, here are 25 lists you can start today!


  1. Destinations you want to travel to
  2. Career goals
  3. Important staples to add to your wardrobe
  4. Things you’re thankful for
  5. Usernames and passwords
  6. Important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  7. Restaurants near you to try
  8. Favourite quotes
  9. Books to read
  10. Personal health goals (mental and physical)
  11. Movies to watch
  12. TV shows to watch
  13. Recipes you want to test out
  14. Things you want to do in your town
  15. Landmarks you want to see
  16. Things you want to update around your home
  17. Gift ideas
  18. Budgeting expenses
  19. DIY projects
  20. Bucket list
  21. Bands you want to see live
  22. Cleaning to-do’s for your home
  23. Things you’re proud you accomplished
  24. Your favourite memories
  25. Skills you have (or skills you want to build)





1Morrissey, M. (14 September 2016). The power of writing down your goals and dreams. Retrieved 25 September 2017, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marymorrissey/the-power-of-writing-down_b_12002348.html



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