3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for Jobs


3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for JobsFriends, family and “help wanted” ads are all great ways to find a job, but if you’re having trouble with those typical options, here are some places to try that you might not have thought of:

Your old jobs. If you’ve worked somewhere before and left on a good note, it might be worth reaching out to your old company. You may be able to find a job there if they are hiring and know that you did good work for them. Even more likely, you may be able to talk to people that still work there and find out if anyone else has left the company. Find out what types of jobs they have moved into at other companies and make contact with them — this is one way to build your network and find new opportunities.

Try Craigslist. Craigslist isn’t just good for finding roommates or selling your old furniture. There is an active listing of job postings on the site that you may find helpful. Some of the opportunities, such as freelancing or short-term projects, are also good for building experience and building a network of people that will help you get more work in the future. Craigslist’s postings can range from writing to construction to acting, so they are definitely worth checking out.

Go door-to-door. These days, with the internet and social media, we often forget that sometimes old strategies work just as well. When a new business opens, it often needs help but hasn’t had the time to start the hiring process. If you are the first one in the door, you may just get the job. This can especially be true during seasonal hiring periods like summer and the holidays. If you leave your name and don’t hear back within a day or so, call and follow up. Being persistent often pays off!




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