4 Things That Men Forget to Provide Their Female Guests (That They Should)


Men can pack a bag in 10 minutes for a weekend away and have everything they’ll need. Women, on the other hand (by the way, I’m not trying to be sexist here, so don’t crucify me in the comments, please), take a while. And even after an hour of mulling over what they should bring, there’s at least one thing they forgot.

I know this because we host tourists in our NYC condo on a regular basis. Part of that responsibility is providing those little things that our lady friends have forgotten so they don’t have to spend a bundle when they’re already trying to save on their vacation.

Even if you don’t host guests day to day, guys, there are still items that you should keep in your home for your female visitors, just in case. What are they? Find out below.


Hair Dryer

I decided to put a blow dryer in my guest-room closet because, before I purchased it, about six different girls asked if we had one. My husband and I both have short hair, so we definitely don’t need a hair dryer. Still I understand the ladies’ plight. This is one of those items that’s a hassle to travel with because it takes up so much space in the suitcase, and one that can cost a lot of money if you have to go out and buy it on vacation when you only need it for three days. Hair dryers are a standard amenity in most hotels — maybe that’s why ladies forget it when they’re staying someplace other than a hotel. Either way, it helps to have one on hand.


Curling Iron

While some men may use a hair dryer and already have one in their home, I don’t know any guys who use a curling iron. But, like the hair dryer, this is a necessity for a lot of women. Curling irons don’t cost much, and they’re easy to store because they’re thin. Also, I would suggest that you purchase a curling iron that turns off automatically. If it’s left on for too long and near anything flammable, you could have a disaster. I once came home to a burn mark on my hardwood floor because my guest left her curling iron plugged in, on and on the floor. I’m glad I found it when I did.


Clothes Iron

A clothes iron is a staple in my house — I iron everything (expect my undies). But some guys don’t iron their clothes (although everyone should, unless they’re having everything dry cleaned — but that’s unnecessarily expensive). I’ve written about the importance of an iron in many articles, but I think that everyone should look pressed and ready to go, no matter where they’re going; freshly pressed clothes have an amazing ability to add self-confidence. Anyway, off my soapbox. If you’re hosting a female guest for more than a couple days, she will likely ask for an iron — especially if she plans on going out at night. Have one on hand, along with an ironing board. Maybe you’ll even learn to use it, too, to get your money’s worth.


Sanitary Products

I’m not going to get into too much detail here, because I think you know what I’m talking about. I’m not even suggesting that you have to go to the store to purchase these products yourself either, but they’re good to have around just in case. The reason I’m including this is because one of my recent guests left a box of her unused tampons in my bathroom cupboard by accident. Before throwing them out, I thought, ya know, somebody else can probably use these if they’re in a bind. If I were a woman, I’d hate to discover that I’ve run out of tampons when I needed them — especially in someone else’s house. For them, it’s sort of like running out of toilet paper for us — what do we do now? Exactly.



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