4 Ways to Make Extra Money Now


1. Sell or Recycle Your Old Electronics – If you’re anything like me, you probably have several old mobiles, cameras and iPods lying around the flat. You just never get rid of them, but buy the next big thing when it comes out. If that’s you, why not sell the old ones? Some good sites to use to do so include MSE’s MobileValuer.com, this iPod seller tool or of course, eBay.


2. Do More of What You’re Good At – Surely, you’ve got to have a couple skills you could sell, right? There are many ways to make money on the Internet or even locally by selling your services, even if it’s not related to your real job now. Some people get paid on weekends to play piano at weddings, teach music lessons, do CAD drafting from home at night or even tutor students that need extra help. It’s as easy as promoting yourself and giving up some of your time. If local word of mouth and flyers don’t help, you can always develop a simple website or use a service like Freelancer.com to land jobs.


3. Be a Study Subject – There are many different ways to get paid to take part in surveys and studies. Here’s a top market research study site outlining opportunities for you.


4. Rent Your Space – If you own a flat, a garage or a business, you may have space you could rent, even in the short-term for extra money. When I was younger, I rented out a room of my house to a co-worker and made some extra money to help pay the bills. Depending on where you live, you might be able to make some decent money doing so.


There are dozens of other ways you could probably be making extra money on the side. All it takes is a little imagination, effort and time to make it happen!



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