5 Apps to Make Your Life Easier


Organise Your Life With These 5 Apps

Is one of your resolutions for 2015 to get more organised? Like many, you are probably always on the go and rely on your smartphone to keep track of photos, notes, finances, passwords and lists. This year, instead of relying on pieces of paper and your memory, get your life organised and simplified with these 5 apps.



Available on: Apple, Android, iPad, Kindle Fire1


Dropbox is a home for your photos, documents, videos and files. Like an external hard drive, this is a place online to store your items. All the things you add to Dropbox will sync across all your devices and on www.dropbox.com. This allows you to access your stuff wherever you are and share with others.



Available on: Apple, Android, iPad2


Evernote is an app to store and organise all your thoughts and documents in your ‘workspace on-the-go.’ You can write short lists to lengthy research, collect documents and search for words, images and documents. All the items you store and write will sync across all your devices.



Available on: Apple, Android3


Almost everything we use online requires a password. LastPass is an app that allows you to easily log the passwords to your accounts and fill out forms with your data. On LastPass you can centralize your data and see all your passwords in one easy-to-use vault. This app also makes your data available to you even when you are offline. Say goodbye to remembering hundreds of passwords in 2015!



Available on: Apple, Android4


GroceryPal allows you to digitally create your grocery list, and it automatically organises your selections by the type of food and aisle. The app also syncs up with your local store to help you track down the best deals while you create your list or shop. GroceryPal steers you toward the weekly sales and will make your trip to the store simpler.


Pageonce Bills

Available on: Apple, Android4


Pageonce is the ultimate finance app. It allows you view your account balances, bill statements, schedule reminders for upcoming bills and track your payments. This will control where your money goes and send you alerts about your accounts. It allows you to work anonymously for safety purposes; it is designed to work without using your name, address, account numbers or PINs.



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