50 Things to Throw Out in the Next 50 Days


Get Organized in 50 Days

We all have that trinket drawer in our kitchen — the one full of rubber bands, extra batteries, coupons and more. It’s easy to collect things here and there because we might need them at a later time, but how often does that moment actually arise? If this sounds like something you struggle with, it’s time to challenge yourself to live more minimally.

For the next 50 days, challenge yourself to sort through (or dispose of) each of the items on this list. By spreading the challenge out over time, your cleansing process will be manageable and you’ll avoid feeling discouraged by the number of tasks.


50 Things to Throw Out in the Next 50 Days


 1. Junk drawer
 2. Old, scratchy towels
 3. Shopping bags
 4. Old phones
 5. Reward cards for stores you don’t frequent
 6. Old textbooks
 7. Old/wrong-sized cell phone covers
 8. Candles with less than an hour of life left
 9. Books you’ve read and disliked
 10. Old toiletries
 11. Duplicate scarves
 12. DVDs you haven’t watched in the last year
13. Stretched out hair ties
14. T-shirts you got for free (and never wear)
15. Old sweaters that have lost their form
16. Blue jeans that don’t fit anymore
17. Broken belts
18. Tote bags
19. Paperwork from over a year ago or things that can be stored digitally
 20. Samples
21. Sticky nail polish
22. Email subscriptions you delete without opening
23. Photos on your phone you don’t need
24. Music you don’t like on your device
25. Screen shots, old docs and more from your computer desktop
26. Unsubscribe from online or repeating services you don’t use
27. Scuffed or broken shoes
28. Empty boxes
29. Apps you don’t use on your mobile
30. Expired makeup, shampoo or other products
31. Old contacts in your address book
32. Broken or mismatched Tupperware
33. Old and misshapen pillows
34. Broken or old electronics
35. Messy or unused makeup bags
36. Purses
37. Worn out sheets
38. Expired coupons
39. Takeout menus
40. Expired medicines
41. Broken (inexpensive) jewellery
42. Stretched out or scratched sunglasses
43. CDs
44. Socks without a match
45. Receipts
46. Old magazines
47. Broken holiday lights
48. Small wrapping paper scraps
49. Picture frames and décor
50. Video games or board games you don’t play


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