A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing


CouponsThink couponing is a passing trend? It’s like saying budgeting is just a trend! In fact, the origin of coupons goes all the way back to 1886, and over a century later, they still make a difference in the way we shop.1 Ready to start saving more on the things you need?

Once you have decided you want to take the time-consuming-but-satisfying journey into the land of couponing, you will begin to notice deals everywhere you go! If you set aside the 15 minutes or so you spend browsing the internet every day and replace it with couponing, you’ll see big savings in no time! Put your free time to good use and cut the costs of everyday items.

If you’re interested in learning more about saving money, check out our beginner’s guide to couponing below.


8 Types of Coupons

There are so many different places to find coupons and special deals. Now that you have decided to take couponing seriously (or are at least considering it), check out the 8 types of coupons you should keep an eye out for:


1. Printable Coupons  

These are coupons you find online and print out. These will be available through the manufacturer or through your local grocery store. Check both, as you may be able to stack them for even more savings. Here are some websites to start your search:


2. Free Samples

When you order a free sample online or are offered one in-store, they typically come with a coupon. Even if you are not interested in the sample, it can be worth it for the coupon.


3. Newspaper Coupons

Check your newspaper daily, and twice on Sundays, for some of the best weekly supermarket and retail coupons. They will usually be bundled in the middle of the newspaper.


4. Manufacturer Coupons

Have you recently tried a product that you adored or that you completely disliked? Write to the product’s manufacturer and let them know how you feel! As a thank you for your opinion, the manufacturer may send you some coupons.


5. Catalina Coupons

After you pay for your items at a supermarket and retail store, sometimes you receive an extremely long receipt in return. This is because there are coupons at the bottom of the receipt! They’re called “Catalinas” and are normally for your next shopping trip.


6. Store Coupons

When you arrive at the supermarket or your favourite retail store, always check out the in-store magazine or inquire with a sales representative about coupons or special deals. You will be surprised how many offers you can receive just by asking.


7. E-Coupons

Smartphones are the latest key to couponing! There are apps and websites wholly dedicated to providing e-coupons — meaning you don’t have to print them out. All you need to do is show the bar code scanner at checkout.


8. Peelies

At the supermarket (or drugstores) there are sometimes coupons disguised as stickers on the packages. Keep your eyes peeled for peelies on your next grocery or toiletry run! You may even get something for free.


Combining Coupons With In-Store Deals

At some point in your couponing journey, you may get to the register with your coupons only to be told “no” by the cashier! So before you go head first with your extreme couponing, visit the supermarket or retail store’s website and read their coupon policy. Can you combine coupons or is it not allowed? Call their main offices if you can’t find a clear answer.

Some grocery stores actually encourage couponing and have special promotions, like double the value of your coupon one day per week. Check with your local chain to see if those promotions are available.


How to Keep Coupons Organised

Like we said before, once you start couponing, you won’t be able to stop. The deals are that good. But we don’t want your home cluttered with bits of paper everywhere. As a quick solution, develop a filing system! There are multiple methods available. Choose the one that best fits your organisational style from the options below:




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