The Pros and Cons of Technology in a Relationship

There are over 7.4 billion people in the world — nearly 3.8 billion use the internet and 2.8 billion use social media.1 Technology touches almost every aspect of our daily lives — it’s no wonder social media affects our culture and the way we relate to each other. Advancements in technology — the internet in particular […]

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10 Things Kids Can Do With Their Grandparents

Grandparents Day Activities!

Did you know Grandparents Day is celebrated every October? The aim of National Grandparents Day is to give grandchildren an opportunity to show love for their grandparents and help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer. Whether it has been a few days or a few months since your […]

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15 Awesome Things You Can Buy for £5

Want to reward yourself but don’t have a big budget? Sometimes an occasion arises when you want to treat yourself in a small way without spending too much. There are plenty of useful everyday items that you should be able to find for less than £5. Explore our list now to see what you can […]

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Job Interview Follow-Up Email to HR

  We all know the job-hunting process can be stressful. That’s why when you finish an interview, you may be so relieved that all you want to do is relax or celebrate a little. Before you get too comfortable, however, make sure you take the time to send the all-important follow-up email within 24-hours of [...]
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How to Write a Cover Letter

Most job applications require some sort of summary of your background, whether it’s in the form of a CV or an online application. However, some jobs will also require a cover letter. Rather than get frustrated by an additional application requirement, you should really view a cover letter as something which gives you an opportunity [...]
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Get Hip on How to Save at Music Festivals

Summer is here! It’s the time for barbecues, football in the park and fun outdoor events — —that means musical festivals! Where else can you see all your favourite musicians in one day under the warm summer sun? Unfortunately, all that fun can come at a steep cost. Tickets to Glastonbury Festival, the largest music festival […]

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Can You Really Make Money as a Blogger?

Back when the internet was first becoming mainstream, blogs were used as a way of publicly sharing thoughts and ideas. Now the art of blogging has moved from a personal practice to a branding effort, from major companies all the way to Instagram influencers. The “blogosphere” is growing fast — there are 31 percent more […]

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10 Super Savvy Uses for Baby Powder

If you think baby powder is just for babies’ bottoms, you’re missing out on all the benefits of this common household product. Baby powder has a pleasant scent, can be found at almost any corner store, only costs a quid or two and is more versatile than you may have thought! Take a look at […]

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10 Best Phone Apps to Help You Save

Our mobiles have become a multi-tool we cannot live without. Phones are no longer just our communication devices; they’re our calculators, alarm clocks, maps, to-do lists, calendars, cameras and so much more! We use our phones every day to make our lives easier and more convenient. With the right apps, we can improve our day-to-day […]

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7 Inexpensive Ideas to Organise Your Pantry

Not only does a well-organised pantry look great when you open it, it will save you money, too. You can take inventory much easier when your stock is organised, which will reduce the amount you spend at the grocery store. To help you whip your cluttered pantry into shape, here are a few cheap ways […]

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