QuickQuid to Utilise New Real-Time Data-Sharing Program

In an effort to reinforce responsible lending within the short-term credit industry, QuickQuid has recently signed up for an innovative real-time data-sharing program with Callcredit ... Continue Reading →
4 Ways to Protect Your Computer

4 Ways to Protect Your Computer

It’s a digital world we live in. These days, sharing information online has become the rule, not the exception. Computer Security Day is November 30, but protecting yourself and your ... Continue Reading →
3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for Jobs

3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for Jobs

Friends, family and “help wanted” ads are all great ways to find a job, but if you’re having trouble with those typical options, here are some places to try that you might not ... Continue Reading →
Flexible Things to Do With Your Body

Flexible Things to Do With Your Body

Exceptionally limber? Bring out your inner contortionist with this infographic on flexibility – and see how far it stretches you.   Continue Reading →
Wicked Wednesdays

Enjoy the Week with Wicked Wednesdays

Are you experiencing the longest week of your life? Does it seem like Friday can’t come soon enough? Then make Wednesday your new Friday with QuickQuid’s Wicked Wednesdays, a fun ... Continue Reading →
Taxonomy of Summer Music Festival Savers

Get Hip on How to Save at Music Festivals

Got a quirk or two? Use them to your advantage and save at music festivals near you this summer. Find your “quirk” in the infographic below or be flexible and adapt some ... Continue Reading →
QuickQuid FlexCredit — A More Flexible Loan

QuickQuid FlexCredit — A More Flexible Loan

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Almost half of UK households struggle to find extra quid

46% of UK Households Would Struggle to Find Extra £99

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the current cost of goods? What if they increased? According to a new report from Halifax, 46% of UK households would struggle financially ... Continue Reading →
The Money You Save by Having a Dad (Infographic) by Quidy

The Money You Save by Having a Dad

Dads wear a lot of different hats and do a lot for their families. Think about the advice or tasks that your dad has done for you over the years, and check out our infographic to see ... Continue Reading →
proper way to quit a job

The Proper Way to Quit Your Job

Let’s face it — you’re not going to stay at your first job forever. A new opportunity will come along and lead you on an exciting new path. But before you can take your talent ... Continue Reading →

Doodle for a chance to win a free grocery tote! QuickDoodle Pinterest Contest

1. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over with a Pinterest account. 2. To enter, create an original, hand-drawn or computer-generated doodle, take a photograph or scan of it and then ... Continue Reading →