Back to School Budget Calculator


With summer holiday coming to a close, it’s a good time to make sure your children have all their necessary classroom items. It’s helpful to make a list of how much you’ll have to spend on each item to keep from overspending. We’ve put together an interactive worksheet that will help you plan out school purchases.

What is your budget for the start of fall term? £
Pens £
Pen refills £
Pencils £
Pencil cases £
Pencil sharpeners £
Erasers £
Rulers £
Glue sticks £
Math sets £
Book covering £
Calculators £
Ring binders £
Notepads £
Punch pockets £
Diaries £
Revision cards £
Sticky notes £
USB flash drive £
Printer £
School bag £
Lunch box £
Water bottle £
Dividers £
Sketch books £
Dictionaries £
Paints £
Art materials £
Crafts £
Paint brushes £
Colouring £
Other (Add a field)


Do you want to print this page out for easy reference? Just check below for a printer-friendly version of your budget!



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