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Sample Post-Interview Thank You Note

Sample Post-Interview Thank You Note

If you’ve managed to score an interview for a new job, congratulations! If you’re well prepared and a good fit for the position, and you manage to hit it off with your interviewers, ... Continue Reading →
Job Interview Follow-Up E-Mail

Job Interview Follow-Up Email to HR

We all know the job-hunting process can be stressful. That’s why when you finish an interview, you may be so relieved that all you want to do is relax or celebrate a little. Before ... Continue Reading →
Tips for Keeping Your Online Brand Intact

Tips for Keeping Your Online Brand Intact

There is no doubt that the Internet can be a great tool for anyone searching for a job. From researching potential job opportunities to filling out applications online to networking ... Continue Reading →
Real Hourly Wage

What’s Your REAL Hourly Wage?

You may think you know how much money you’re bringing home for every hour of work you put in, but it’s time to think again. Whatever your stated hourly wage is (or, if you’re ... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Cover Letter

Most job applications require some sort of summary of your background, whether it’s in the form of a resume or an online application. However, some jobs will also require a cover ... Continue Reading →
Career Advancement Tips

Career Advancement Tips

If you have a job you enjoy with colleagues you like but are looking to move up in terms of salary, title and responsibility, you may be wondering how to go about it. From learning ... Continue Reading →
3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for Jobs

3 Places You Might Not Think to Look for Jobs

Friends, family and “help wanted” ads are all great ways to find a job, but if you’re having trouble with those typical options, here are some places to try that you might not ... Continue Reading →
proper way to quit a job

The Proper Way to Quit Your Job

Let’s face it — you’re not going to stay at your first job forever. A new opportunity will come along and lead you on an exciting new path. But before you can take your talent ... Continue Reading →
Save Money Working from Home

Could You Save Money By Working From Home?

  Many people dream of working from home. It’s no wonder, with visions of the freedom to do what you want when you want, to shuffle over to your computer in your slippers and ... Continue Reading →
St. Patrick's Day leprechaun card

QuickQuid Myth Breakers: Job-Hunting

Despite what you may have read in the newspapers or heard on news, jobs do still exist. The gloomy economy has made securing a job more difficult than years past, but the right candidate ... Continue Reading →
How to Get the Salary You Want

How to Get the Salary You Want

Congratulations! You passed the interview process, beat out the other candidates and were offered the job! Now comes the hard part: salary negotiations. Negotiating a salary can be ... Continue Reading →