Healthy All Hallow’s Eve Snacks

Healthy Halloween Treats

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply getting into the spirit, whipping up some Halloween snacks can help create a festive and fun atmosphere. Try out these spooky and scrumptious recipes—only using a few ingredients. Banana Ghosts Ingredients: Bananas Chocolate chips Step 1: Peel the bananas and cut them in half. Step 2: Use chocolate […]

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Five Frozen Treats

Summer Ice Lolly Recipes

It’s the middle of the summer and it’s hot. You know what could cool you and your family or friends down? A variety of ice lollies! Not only are they simple and cheap to prepare, they are so delicious! All you need are the assorted supplies listed below, lolly moulds and an icebox! Check out […]

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How to Juice

How to Juice On a Budget

Did you know most doctors recommend we get between 6 — 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Most of us don’t even get close to that amount! But one simple and effective way to achieve this is by juicing. To help you get prepared and acquainted with this fresh lifestyle, check out how […]

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National Curry Week

National Curry Week Recipes

National Curry Week is an annual celebration that takes place in October, which celebrates the tasty and popular Indian dish! Do you want to enjoy an exciting fiery bowl? Here are three recipes for you to prepare at home:

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Frozen vs. Homemade Meal — Which One Wins?

Our made-from-scratch glazed chicken recipe creates a meal that’s cheaper and more nutritious than a frozen dinner. And best of all, you get more servings for a fraction of the cost! To save even more, swap out the ingredients for similar items on offer at your local store. Fresh ingredients: 1 boneless chicken breast = […]

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Customer Recipe - Lamb Kabobs

Customer Recipe — Lamb Kabobs

Enter the QuickQuid ‘Great Grocery Giveaway‘ today! The lucky winner will win their grocery spend for a year! And check out this special Lamb Kebob recipe submitted by a past contest entrant @andymager743.

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Toasted Caprese Sandwhich

Toasted Caprese Salad Sandwich Recipe

Toasted Caprese Salad Sandwich Recipe — Just 90p Makes one sandwich 2 slices flatbread (or any discounted bread) = £0.29 Small or medium tomato, sliced = £0.17 60g mozzarella cheese, sliced = £0.22 1/3 bunch of fresh basil, chopped = £0.22 Balsamic vinaigrette Dab of butter Slice the tomato and cheese to your desired thickness. […]

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