7 Budget-Friendly Autumn Half-Term Outings

Affordable, Spooky and Historic Autumn Outings for Families

With autumn half-term around the corner, families have some time left to plan another quick holiday before the weather gets cold. While you can certainly pack your bags to visit another country, there’s no reason to leave when you haven’t seen all of the unique hidden gems in the United Kingdom. Even if you can’t […]

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5 Smartphone Apps to Budget, Save or Make Money

How to Manage Your Money With a Smartphone

If you’re not properly budgeting and managing your money, achieving financial independence can feel like a fantasy. Just looking at your bank account can be a daunting task. You’re not alone; in fact, a recent poll of over 2500 people in the United Kingdom found that as many as 25 percent of respondents did not […]

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youtube exercise videos

Why You Should Trade the Gym for YouTube

Your gym membership might’ve seemed like a great personal investment in January, but when was the last time you actually went? From busy schedules and inconvenient hours to mustering the motivation to leave your house, there’s plenty of reasons to want to stay home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout from […]

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dog jobs

How to Convert Your Love for Dogs Into an Income Generating Hobby

It’s widely known that dog ownership can improve your health, from lowered stress and anxiety to increased exercise and improved social relationships.1 But can working with man’s best friend do even more for your overall well-being? If you have an unspeakable bond with canines, there are plenty of ways to use it to earn some […]

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11 Ways to Save Money on a Unique Wedding

Money-Saving Tips for a Nontraditional Wedding

The average wedding in the United Kingdom exceeded £30,000 in 2018.1 It’s no surprise that the wedding industry is an incredibly booming field, from videographers and photographers to planners, coordinators and designers.   If you’re getting married but are concerned about your financial future together, don’t let this deter you. There are many ways to […]

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4 Reasons to Cycle to Work

4 Reasons to Start Cycling to Work

Why Cycling to Work Is Even Better Than You Think If your cycle’s been gathering dust in your car park, you’re far from alone. Cycling UK estimates that only 3 – 4% of people over 16 in England cycled five times a week in 2016-2017.1 Why do so few adults choose to cycle to work? […]

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summer savings

Smart Summer Savings Tips for Fun on a Budget

Summer is a time for letting loose, if only for a bit: Generally, you're going more places, doing more things and spending more money. This is true whether you're a young adult at the start of your career and taking time off to go on adventures or a parent sending kids to camp to catch [...]
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social jet lag

How to Overcome Social Jet Lag

Waking up early Monday – Friday for work leaves many people exhausted by the week’s end, and Saturday and Sunday become welcome respites to sleep in for however long we’d like. This yo-yoing sleep pattern — waking up early for work during the week and sleeping in late on the weekend — has been coined […]

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