A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

Think couponing is a passing trend? It’s like saying budgeting is just a trend! In fact, the origin of coupons goes all the way back to 1886, and over a century later, they still make a difference in the way we shop.1 Ready to start saving more on the things you need? Once you have […]

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Five Frugal School Snacks

Inexpensive Food Snacks for School

Can you believe summer is already coming to a close? Before you know it, your kids will be back in school. Whether they are attending a traditional school or are home-schooled, snacks are a must-have! The only issue with snacks is that they are occasionally unhealthy — not to mention expensive. However, we have five […]

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Don’t Buy It, DIY It!

Make vs. Buy: 8 DIY Items

Ketchup, shampoo, makeup, household cleaners — did you know you could make all of these items (and many more) at home instead of buying them? Our QuidCorner blog is all about trying to help you live healthily and frugally. A simple and productive way to immerse yourself and your family into this lifestyle is by […]

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How to Plan the Perfect Cheap Getaway

We all want to get away from our routine from time to time. While the idea of going on holiday is often appealing, we don’t always have the financial resources (or the desire) to do anything too lavish. By considering a few different options for what destination to visit, how to get there and where […]

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baby costs

Parents Get Saving, As Pregnancy Costs Up To £5,000

A recent study revealed it costs £231,843 to raise a child to the age of 21, with the bulk of costs going to childcare and education.1 But becoming a parent starts way before your baby arrives and we’ve taken a closer look at the true cost of being pregnant to help expectant mums and dads prepare […]

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Have Some Frugal Fun!

10 Cheap Summer Dates

There are numerous activities happening in every city throughout the summer. If you’re going to them solo, you can easily keep costs down. But if you are bringing a date, it has the potential to get pricey! Don’t fret — there are many wonderful ways to have cheap summer fun. Below are our top ten […]

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Free Summer Fun Apps

7 Apps to Find Summer Fun

Throughout the summer, there are various opportunities for food, entertainment and fun every single day! But how you can keep up with these activities and events? We’ve put together a list of the most useful free apps for you to discover your summer fun! 1. AroundMe Do you want to quickly find out where the […]

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Exercise On a Budget!

5 Free Exercise Apps

Getting fit and exercising don’t have to be expensive — they should be rewarding! If you want to get healthy and increase your overall activity, there are free (yes, free!) apps for your smartphone that can get you motivated and in shape. Check out 5 of the best exercise apps available for download below! Couch […]

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Almost 1.5 Million UK Consumers Admit To Using a Secret Credit Card

1.5 Million UK Consumers Use a Secret Credit Card

When it comes to your finances it is always best to have a friend, family member or significant other you can talk to, so you can work together if that unexpected cash emergency arises. Being truthful about money matters is key when it comes to taking back control of the ebb and flow of your […]

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