How to Convert Your Love for Dogs Into an Income Generating Hobby


dog jobsIt’s widely known that dog ownership can improve your health, from lowered stress and anxiety to increased exercise and improved social relationships.1 But can working with man’s best friend do even more for your overall well-being?

If you have an unspeakable bond with canines, there are plenty of ways to use it to earn some extra money while surrounding yourself with lovable, furry friends. You may already be doing some of these activities without realising you could turn your love of dogs into a profession. Consider these five jobs to start earning money while you work with dogs.


1.Dog Photographer

Photographers who work well with animals can market their services towards dog owners. Pet photographers typically don’t need formal education, but they should possess excellent photography skills.


2. Dog Walker

If you’re looking for a less rigorous path into a dog-related career, dog walking is a great option for part- or full-time work. Dog walkers need to work well with dogs of any breed, and they may have to handle multiple energetic pups in a single session.


3. Dog Sitter

Dog sitters can work in settings like extended stay facilities, shelters or residences to feed and care for dogs. Sitters should be responsible and organised to ensure a high quality of care, though education and other job requirements will vary.


4. Dog Handler

Dog handlers can work in a variety of settings, from government positions to professional dog shows. Dog handlers working in security, protective services or law enforcement typically need more extensive training and relevant professional experience, depending on the specific role. Dog handlers working in shows typically don’t have strict educational requirements, but they can pursue dog behaviour and training courses. Show dog handlers may also need to travel long distances for events.2


5. Dog Trainer

A dog trainer helps coach obedience and good behaviour to dogs while also working to educate the pet’s owner. Dog trainers need to be excellent communicators and have a great deal of patience. You can find training courses and programs for dog trainers at various institutions, such as the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.


While you can find work through an employer for any of the above positions, you can also set up your own business if your prospects look good, but make sure you have the proper permits, licenses and insurance to run your own business.



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