How to Juice On a Budget


Did you know most doctors recommend we get between 6 — 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Most of us don’t even get close to that amount! But one simple and effective way to achieve this is by juicing. To help you get prepared and acquainted with this fresh lifestyle, check out how to juice, health benefits and some quick recipes!


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To maintain peak health, our bodies need amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, carbohydrates, fibre and water.1 Did you know you can get ALL of these things from juicing? 

What You Need to Juice!

  • Blender or Juicer

A juicer is ideal, but if it isn’t in your budget, you can still make delicious juices using a blender!

  • Fruits & Vegetables

What is currently in season? Head to the local farmer’s market or supermarket and purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Juicing FAQs 

Q: When should I drink my juice?

A: The ideal time to drink your juice is on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before a meal.1

Q: What should I juice?

A: Since you’re new to juicing, start with the fruits you love most as well as ones that are easier on your stomach. These include apples and oranges. Then slowly start adding vegetables like carrots, spinach and cucumbers!

Q: How healthy is juicing?

A: Juicing provides a powerful boost to your immune system. Green juices give your body a big dose of nutrients and increased energy!1

3 Juicing Recipes  

Since you’re new to juicing, you might not know what your taste buds prefer. Try these simple juicing recipes to help you get started.

I Carrot Believe It!: 6 Carrots + 2 Apples + ½ Lemon + Ginger

Gone Green: Spinach + 4 Carrots + 1 Cucumber + 1 Apple + ½ Lemon

Feeling UpBEET!: 1 Beet + 1 Grapefruit + 1 Apple + 2 Oranges + 4 Carrots + ½ Lime


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