How to Talk to Your Significant Other About Money


6 Tips on How to Talk to Your Partner About FinancesNew love is one of the most exhilarating feelings in life, but nothing can spoil the sensation quite like a sour conversation about money. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to avoid this discussion — if you want to plan your future together, you should be on the same page financially.


If you’re independently managing your finances but are in a relationship, you can still discuss money matters like goals, spending habits and debt when you’re comfortable sharing this information. Doing so can show your desire to live, grow and learn with your loved one.


Before you dive into the conversation, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. We’ve gathered six helpful tips to help you get ready to talk to your partner about finances.



     1. Don’t Rush It 

Pushing the money conversation on your partner too soon might cause them to recoil. Personal finance, earnings and debt can be very private matters for many reasons. While there’s no hard and fast rule for exactly when you should bring up finances, make sure the moment feels right for both you and your partner. Don’t push it if they’re not ready.


     2. Don’t Wait Until It’s an Issue

On the same token, try to be proactive and avoid letting your relationship be affected by financial concerns. Hiding a money problem can lead to bigger rifts between you and your partner further down the line.


     3. Approach the Conversation without Accusation or Judgment

Ideally, once you’ve found the right time to talk, your conversation won’t come from a place of frustration. Let your partner know that you’re understanding and compassionate of their situation. Resist the urge to compare their condition to yours; everyone’s journey is unique, and so is their financial evolution.


     4. Talk About Goals

Don’t only discuss debts — speak to your future goals and aspirations including earning, career and savings ambitions. Reinforce and celebrate any positive steps you’ve made towards these goals together.


     5. Develop an Ongoing Conversation

Money management is a continuous part of life, so the dialogue likely won’t just end at one conversation. Periodically discussing your financial matters can help you both stay aware and be in line with your goals.


     6. Devise a Plan

If there are issues to address, formulate a plan together. Whether you need to pay down debt, save for the future or do something else entirely, a reasonable strategy can help ease tension and get you both on the right track.



It’s natural to have some anxiety before an important discussion, but you’ll likely feel more comfortable after breaking the ice. Financial compatibility is important, so how your partner handles their current and future situation can have a big impact on your relationship.



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