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We all know the job-hunting process can be stressful. That’s why when you finish an interview, you may be so relieved that all you want to do is relax or celebrate a little. Before you get too comfortable, however, make sure you take the time to send the all-important follow-up email within 24-hours of your interview.

It’s wise to send emails post-interview for several reasons. First, you want to show your interviewers that you genuinely appreciate the time and effort they took out of their busy schedule to meet with you. Second, while everyone should send a follow-up, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will. You don’t want to be eliminated from the running just because you overlooked a common courtesy. Make sure you keep the playing field even by sending that email. Lastly, it is an opportunity to let the people you spoke with know that after the interview was complete you are still interested and curious about next steps in the process.

Before you start drafting the email to your interviewers, there are two things to keep in mind.


Even if you don’t feel like the interview went well, you should still send thank you notes.

There is a chance that the feeling was mutual, but maybe they will keep you in mind for another role that better fits you in the future. It’s better to thank them for their time and stay top of mind for them, even if you don’t get the job you wanted. Also, you may have done much better than you thought and are just thinking too critically about the interview and your skills. Take a chance on yourself — you never know if they want to take a chance on you, too.


The people who interviewed you may not be directly involved in the hiring process.

That means they may not know the hiring timeline or the best next steps for you to take. Don’t expect (or insinuate) that they have the answers to the next steps. In this case, you may want to reach out to the HR contact that coordinated the interview process.

Not sure where to start? Below is a sample email you can use to create the framework for your follow-up email to HR and your interviewers. Fill in the appropriate spaces with your specific information:


Example Email Message
To :
Subject: Thanks For Your Time – (POSITION NAME) Interview

Dear (NAME),

Thank you so much for your help in setting up the interview schedule for the (POSITION NAME) position on (DATE). I enjoyed meeting (NAMES OF INTERVIEWERS) and learning more about (COMPANY NAME). I hope the interviewers found our meetings to be time well spent, as I’m very interested in the position and think it could be a great fit on both ends.Feel free to elaborate here on exactly why you think you’re a good fit or mention specific topics you talked about to demonstrate that you were engaged and actively listening. Example 1: I feel confident that the role requirements we discussed, such as XYZ, fall within my skillset. Example 2: I thought your strategy for XYZ project was a fresh and interesting way to look at the problem.I look forward to hearing from you soon about the hiring decision. Please let me know if there is any additional information you require from me in the meantime.



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