Kids Draw Their Dream Jobs


Kids Draw Their Dream JobsWhen you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A lion tamer? A professional sweet taster? Children have the wildest hopes and dreams for their futures, and we wondered what it would be like to bring those dreams to life.

We asked 8 children to draw us a picture of their dream job; then, with the help of some very talented CG artists, we visualised these jobs in a series of CG renders.

USA – Brigid (4) – Unicorn Rescuer

Sometimes unicorns need rescuing from dangerous castles; it‘s just a fact. But who is the person for this job? Well, look no further because that’s Brigid’s dream job!

USA - Brigid (4) - Unicorn Rescuer Drawing

Brigid tells us “you hear the unicorn crying because a bad wizard is taking her away”, then she has to use magic to lift her to safety. “Once you rescue a unicorn, you can adopt her, and she is part of your family.”

USA - Brigid (4) - Unicorn Rescuer Render

Greece – Ilias (8) – Graphic Designer/Modeller (Sculptor)

Ilias was very specific with his office requirements. He wants to have a single space on the ground floor with a small plant garden. No problem, Ilias, here it is.

Greece - Ilias (8) - Graphic Designer/Modeller (Sculptor) Drawing

Ilias has it all planned out. As well as his computer, he wants to work with ‘plastelines’ (Play-Doh) and clay to model various figures and miniatures. During breaks, he will take care of his plants in order to relax and get inspiration.

Greece - Ilias (8) - Graphic Designer/Modeller (Sculptor) Render

Philippines – Ethan (7) – Artist, Astronaut, Baker

Not content with just one career, Ethan wants to be an artist, an astronaut and a baker! But where would an artist/astronaut/baker work, you ask? Well, Ethan tells us “inside a house that can turn into a rocket ship”.

Philippines - Ethan (7) - Artist, Astronaut, Baker Drawing

Ethan tells us that he‘ll paint his favourite animals, fruit and pies; then he‘ll choose which planet to go to. Look closely, and you‘ll see a specially designed (by Ethan of course) robot that knows how to bake anything Ethan tells it to.

Philippines - Ethan (7) - Artist, Astronaut, Baker Render

Spain – Martin (6) – Paleontologist

Martin dreams of becoming a Paleontologist one day, so of course, he belongs in the desert. This kind of work can be dangerous, so he specified that he’d need sturdy boots “so the snakes can’t bite my feet”.

Spain - Martin (6) - Paleontologist Drawing

Martin told us that he doesn‘t expect to find bones every day, but when he does, he‘ll put the bones carefully inside boxes, and a helicopter will fly them away. When we asked him what he found in his drawing, he told us a “Duckosaur”.

Spain - Martin (6) - Paleontologist Render

Ukraine – Viola (10) – Astronomer

Viola told us that she would love to work in a big observatory as an astronomer. She thinks space is beautiful, and we agree. First things first, she‘ll need a big telescope to carry out this work.

Ukraine - Viola (10) - Astronomer Drawing

Here she can monitor the starry night and keep an eye out for life on other planets. Viola is fascinated by the many secrets and mysteries of space. Keep staring at the skies, Viola.

Ukraine - Viola (10) - Astronomer Render

Argentina – Helena (5) – Explorer

When Helena told us that her dream job was “Explorer of mysterious creatures that nobody has ever seen before“, we knew straight away that she was going to make a really special picture.

Argentina - Helena (5) - Explorer Drawing

Helena wants to explore everywhere from jungles to caves to the depths of the ocean on her hunt for mysterious creatures. Looks like she‘s found one!

Argentina - Helena (5) - Explorer Drawing

Philippines – Jacob (9) – Scientist/Inventor

Jacob wants to be a scientist and inventor when he grows up, so he‘ll be needing a laboratory. Like all the best scientist/inventors, Jacob has chosen to have his lab underground.

Philippines - Jacob (9) - Scientist/Inventor Drawing

The robots you can see are called Jerry and Gordon; they are Jacob‘s inventions. Jerry helps with the chemicals, and Gordon turns chemicals into any kind of food you order, such as Jacob‘s favourite two-layered cheeseburger. Yummy!

Philippines - Jacob (9) - Scientist/Inventor Render

From Unicorn Rescuer to Intergalactic Baker, if there is one thing that connects all of these wonderful career choices, it‘s the desire to make the world a better place. We can all learn a thing or two from children and their dream jobs.




To find the project’s participants, we put a call out for children aged 4 – 10 years old. We chose children from a diverse set of countries and asked them a series of questions about their dream jobs. We then asked them to draw their dream job. We didn‘t impose any further instructions to make sure we received drawings that reflected the kids‘ wild imaginations.

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