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The Frugal Year Essay Contest: How do you pay down debt?

We asked, you answered! Our social community gave us plenty of smart solutions in response to our March essay question: “How do you pay it off?” Even those paying a high cost of ... Continue Reading →
February’s Frugal Living Challenge: Abstaining from Luxuries

February’s Frugal Living Challenge: Abstaining from Luxuries

We all like to treat ourselves every now and then, but cutting back on everyday indulgences can add up to huge savings down the road. This February, we asked our social community how ... Continue Reading →
7 Ways to Garden for Less

7 Ways to Garden for Less

Fresh air, sunshine, going outdoors for more than just the mail — having a garden can offer a lot of positives. But how do you keep things growing without going broke? Here are 7 ... Continue Reading →
January’s Frugal Living Challenge: Curbing Impulse Buys

January’s Frugal Living Challenge: Curbing Impulse Buys

It’s good to keep a lookout for fresh new savings tips, because you never know where the next great one will come from. In response to our January question — how do you curb impulse ... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Reinvent Valentine’s Day on a Budget

1. What you’re trying to say: “You mean the world to me.” The pricey way: dinner at a fine restaurant The frugal way: cooking his/her favourite meal at home   2. What ... Continue Reading →

Be Mine: Printable Cards for Your Valentine!

Would your valentine LOVE one of these cards? Just click on each of the images below to print!   And if you’d like a chance to win £200 for you and your sweetheart, enter the ... Continue Reading →

12 Cheap Dates You and Your Partner Will Love

Here are a dozen ideas for how to save money on your special night out (or in).   1. Prepare a meal together Ahhh, dinner. It’s the classic date. And you can make it an even ... Continue Reading →

The Frugal Year Challenge Recap: Continuing to Save in 2014

Over the course of 2013, we delivered 12 months’ worth of posts dedicated to frugal practices that aimed to help you save at least £250 a month. If you followed our posts, you should ... Continue Reading →

The Year of Simpler Living

 “This year is going to be different. This year I’m going to change.”   We say it (or someone we know says it) every New Year’s Day. And why not? The new year is the time ... Continue Reading →

A Frugal Year in Review (Infographic)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same principle applies to saving money. It takes time. But the good news is that even a small lifestyle change, like air drying your clothes ... Continue Reading →

Take the Frugal Living Challenge! Step 12: Do What Works

Congratulations! If you’ve followed QuickQuid’s “The Frugal Living Challenge” since January of this year, you’re just £250 away from meeting your 12-month savings goal of ... Continue Reading →