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How Can I Save Money on Wedding Costs?


Hi! I’m Mikey Rox, and this is Spend Savvy, the super short show where I deliver money-saving tips and tricks for everyday life.


Today’s question is, ‘How Can I Save Money on Wedding Costs’?


Now, you’re probably thinking, what does this guy know about saving money on a wedding? A lot, actually, because I recently got married and I was keen to the costs down.


Let’s start at the beginning.


When you’re engaged, it’s tradition to send an announcement/save-the-date followed by a more formal invitation, but in this day in age there’s really no need for the paper announcement because social media, e-mail, and word-of-mouth can take care of that for you. Saving money on the invitations is a bit trickier though, but it can be done. Instead of going to an expensive designer, consider hiring one of your crafty friends or even making the invitations yourself. Or, if you really want to keep a nice chunk of change in the bank, think about electronic invitations. This method is faaar from traditional but think about two things: 1) When the wedding is over, is anyone going to remember the invitation you sent out?, and 2) Who’s paying for your wedding – you or your guests? Don’t worry about what invitation they think you should send – unless, of course, they want to foot the bill.


A lot of couples rent a limousine to take them to and from the wedding, but is that necessary? Is it even your style? My husband and I live in New York City, so when we hosted our marriage celebration, we hopped a cab. And I don’t have any regrets. An expensive limousine would not have made our night anymore special.


Ladies, I know your gown is a big deal. But you have to decide whether you want to spend an insane amount of money on a dress you’ll wear once or use that money for something more meaningful, like a down payment on the home that you’ll live in for many years. Keep in mind too that just because you go the frugal route for your wedding dress doesn’t mean that it won’t be beautiful. There are plenty of gorgeous second-hand gowns that you can find on sites like Craigslist or eBay that will save you a bundle.


I bet you’re wondering how you can cut costs at the reception. This takes a little more finesse, but it can be done. First, scrap the idea of wedding favors all together. Do your guests really care about little boxes of candy? No – and they won’t miss them if they’re not there.


And instead of a huge, expensive cake that barely gets eaten, think of other dessert options like a small cake for the bride and groom and a selection of other desserts for your guests like cookies, brownies, and pies that won’t cost nearly as much.


That’s it for today. By using these tips in your wedding planning, you’re guaranteed to save many thousands of pounds and hopefully keep yourself out of debt so you can start off your married life on the right foot.


Until next time, stay Spend Savvy.


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