Fun and Fantastic Summer Lawn Games


DIY lawn gamesWarm sunshine on your skin, bright blue skies, fresh cut grass under your feet — summer is here and it’s time to soak in the lovely weather before it creeps into winter again! You could spend your time on restaurant patios or in parks, but sometimes the more fun (and frugal) option is in your very own backyard.

Whether it’s just a lazy Sunday with your family or a fun-filled barbecue with your friends and neighbours, having a few great lawn games on hand can make your next gathering more entertaining.



Looking for the most versatile yard game? Dice are the perfect choice for you. Giant lawn dice can be used for dozens of games!



Similar to dice, dominos are a great choice if you want to stick to just one game. Stick with popular choices like Chicken Foot or Matador, or try something new.



Grab a stencil and some water-based paint for a colourful time in the grass with this version of Twister.



Use a similar painting technique as used for Twister to create your very own giant checker board. Use frisbees for the pieces and get ready for even bigger jumps and kings!

Picnic Blanket Board Games

Turn your favourite indoor game into the best outdoor game! Paint a replica board game on a picnic blanket so you can play in your backyard, the beach, the park — wherever the summer sun takes you!



Also known as cornhole, bags was popularized in the States for tailgating events and backyard fun. You can buy a set online or build it yourself. If you choose the latter, you can personalise the boards with your top football team logo, the symbol of your alma mater or simply your favourite colour!


Chipping Bags

Got a big golfer in the family and mini-golf just won’t cut it? Practice your chipping in the backyard with a bags set! Instead of tossing bean bags into the holes, grab your pitching wedge and some soft training golf balls.


Jumbo Balancing Tower

This simple but thrilling game is sure to generate excitement. Stack up a tower and get ready to say timber! Take it up a notch by adding questions or activities to each block, so when it is drawn the player has an extra step of fun.



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