The Best Free Opportunity to Happen to Your Morrisons’ Career


Many people want to get a degree but don’t have the chance to because they are pretty much forced into working fulltime right out of school due to financial reasons. However, grocery retailer, Morrisons has implemented a programme that will help 1,000 A-level students get the education that they’ve always dreamed of — and you could be one of them. In an effort to recruit its future managers right out of school, Morrisons is funding 1,000 degrees in retail studies for people interested in pursuing an upper-level career with the company.


About the Programme

Morrisons’ Futures Programme offers young people a chance to get an education in retail management at the University of Bradford, a top business school in the UK. And best of all, they come out of it debt free! While working full-time at Morrisons, select employees are paid for their work while also having all tuition fees covered by the company. In return members of the programme are expected to use the skills that they learn from their degree to improve overall business for the retailer.


About the Retailer

Morrisons is the 4th largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom with 455 locations and 132,000 employees, making the retailer a source of employment for a significant chunk of UK citizens. Morrisons, a business that describes itself as “practical” and “down-to-earth,” offers more apprenticeships than any other company in Britain — training bakers, butchers and fishmongers for all of its hundreds of stores.1


Boundless Benefits

Higher education isn’t only useful in furthering your career, it’s practical in everyday life. It gives people the confidence and skills they need to succeed in whatever it is they choose to pursue. So to have an opportunity like this out there — that provides it to you for free — is something you should try to take advantage of to advance your skill set.

The Retail Foundation Degree Programme is offered to 18- to 24-year-olds who have at least three A-levels at grade BBC or equivalent. So if you find this programme to be something of interest to you, visit your local Morrisons and ask the Customer Service Desk about the Retail Foundation Degree Programme, or enquire to speak to the Store Personnel Manager for any queries that you may have.




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