The Career Resource You Already Have Access to


Did you know that the Internet is useful for more than just learning about celebrity gossip and sports statistics? Shocking I know, but lo and behold, Internet resources as a way to gain career training is becoming more and more common as educational capabilities and opportunities are expanding on the web.  E-learning gives people the flexibility and freedom of being able to learn from home or work, which makes this type of training especially desirable in this day and age, when balancing home, work and other obligations makes it nearly impossible to commit to a regularly scheduled training course.


What’s Out There

According to the Guardian, e-learning is becoming especially popular as a result of the economic downturn. Newly redundant employees have to re-evaluate and improve their skillset in order to stand out against others for potential positions — and the solution? Online resources.

So where does one go to find such resources? You wouldn’t believe the learning materials that are open to the general public.


iTunes and YouTube. Many of the world’s greatest universities upload their lectures to sites such as iTunes U and YouTube — completely free! From lectures and course materials in a variety of useful subjects, you could be gaining valuable skills right from your iPod, iPad, or computer at no cost to you.


Open University. Open University, the largest distance learning university in Europe, offers a variety of beginner and advanced courses for further education. And if you’re concerned about spending the money, they offer free modules on their OpenLearn site so you can test it out before committing.


LearnDirect. LearnDirect offers training courses and qualifications in a variety of areas starting at just £17.50. You can even do tasters for free to see if it’s something you might want to invest more time and money in.


So if you find yourself trying to balance your regular responsibilities with career training opportunities, you might want to explore the benefits that e-learning can contribute to your skills development.



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