The Proper Way to Quit Your Job


proper way to quit a jobLet’s face it — you’re not going to stay at your first job forever. A new opportunity will come along and lead you on an exciting new path. But before you can take your talent elsewhere, you first have to quit your current job in a professional manner.

Although quitting’s never an easy thing to do, there are steps you can take to make sure you leave on a high note. Some feeling may get hurt, but you’ll gain more respect from your ex-coworkers for a graceful exit.

  • Tell your boss in person. A sensitive topic such as quitting should always be discussed in person and not over the phone or via email. Schedule a short meeting with your boss as soon as possible so she/he is the first to know — you don’t want them finding out through office gossip!
  • Give two weeks’ notice. It’s standard practice to give your boss two weeks’ notice. This period of time will give them an opportunity to find a replacement and restructure the team, if needed.
  • Stay focused until the end. It can be easy to lose focus and start slacking as soon as you put in your two weeks’ notice. But your disinterest will only make things harder on your coworkers. Make sure you give 110 percent up through your last day to make the transition easier.




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