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Do you purchase organic foods for you and your family? 4 out of 5 households in the UK do!1

When it comes to purchasing organic foods, there are a bunch of unanswered questions for the average shopper. For instance: What is organic food? Is it healthier? Why is it more expensive than average foods at the supermarket?

Organic foods are products that are not given any kind of antibiotics or growth hormones, are only organic fed, and are not administered any type of medications.2 This means your fruits and vegetables are grown without using most pesticides or fertilizers.

While the debate is ongoing, there is some significant proof that organic food is healthier for you. Still, nothing is concrete and you should use your own judgement. When it comes to price, the reason organic foods are more expensive is because organic farming is more labour-intensive.2 In order for farmers to maintain their organic status, they have to purchase pricier supplies.

Now that you have learned the basics of organic foods and their benefits, read on to learn where you can find the best organic coupon deals online!


Real Foods

For over 40 years, Real Foods has been selling natural and organic food in Edinburgh and worldwide. Now you can take advantage of their extensive product range online! In addition to offering exclusive organic coupons on their website, they offer free delivery on some purchases and ship worldwide.



As we’ve mentioned in previous coupon posts, RetailMeNot is one of the most popular coupon websites. It’s a free service that connects customers with the top retailers in the world. If you’re on the go, download their free smartphone app to access the same organic coupons!


Flamingo World

Flamingo World is a free coupon website that offers one of the best selections of printable, organic grocery coupons. As a bonus, they also offer coupons for organic clothing, cosmetics, shoes and toiletries!


Line My Pocket

If you’re looking to save big on health food and organic wares, Line My Pocket is the website you should bookmark. Here you will find discounts from more than 1,300 UK retailers. They offer cashback, money-off codes, discount codes, promotional codes and more to help you save on all things organic.


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