Van Gogh’s Secret to Career Success


When you hear the word apprentice, you might be thinking “is this the right career move for me?” But believe it or not, since the beginning of time apprenticeships have launched many successful careers, including those of Vincent Van Gogh and Benjamin Franklin. While nowadays, things are done a bit differently, Modern Apprenticeships are still a popular career path for young adults in the UK. Anyone 16 years or older and living in the United Kingdom can apply to become an apprentice in a variety of fields, earning a salary while working alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills.


Earn While You Learn

There are many benefits to working as an apprentice but it’s particularly beneficial because you can earn a salary while you learn. Not only are you getting hands-on experience but you’re making money throughout the entire process as well. While there’s no set apprentice salary, there is a required minimum wage. And the bright side is that most apprentices actually earn more than minimum wage, with pay increasing as their skills develop over time.


There’s Something for Everyone

Not sure that an apprenticeship is the right path for you? You might want to think differently. With over 100,000 employers offering apprenticeships in more than 160,000 locations, your chances of finding one that is right for you are looking pretty good. A large variety of apprenticeships are offered in various fields throughout the UK.  So whether you’ve always loved dogs and want to go into Animal Care or have a knack for cooking and could see yourself in the Catering business, there’s bound to be something out there for you!


Explore Your Options Today

If you’re not sold on the idea of going off to college, you may want to consider what an apprenticeship can offer. It takes just a few seconds to search for openings near you. And you never know — you might just stumble on the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!



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